Copy to Armoured Engineers and Fusiliers;

As an 'ex- armoured farmer' , 26 AES, I asked them for some help a few years back. My brother was murdered you see in 2001 by some, shall we say, foreigners. He was ex- 2RRF who suffered PTSD and was awarded a War Pension posthumously after he did over 3 tours of Ulster in the 1970's.

I asked the Armoured for some help. (I didn't get any)

Unfortunately for me, I used the location of myself as "Land of mosques and minarets" on their forum. That was deemed as being racist after a few months. A senior Committee member of the AE Assoc has half caste grandchildren you see.

So I was made persona non grata by the Committee of the Armoured E's.

Some other blokes wrote to me saying you know what 'they', are like !

Being an ex-member of the RBL and they never helped either (but the local Paras, Burma Star Assoc, RNA and the Womens(ATS) sections helped freely and donated several £100's to help in my brothers funeral).

I have found that many ex-forces assocs are just boozing clubs.

Nothing wrong in that, but there are other ex-forces who are suffering and fallen on hard times and are not receiving any help.

I asked for help and was known. So what chance do others have ?
Jailed robber gives evidence at inquest

A CONVICTED robber gave evidence at a 'secure' inquest in Sheffield over the death of a former soldier whose family believe was murdered.

Inmate Calvin Johnson was one of the last people to spend time with Chris Barker, aged 43, who was found dead on the floor of a home in Broom Walk, Broomhall.

Mr Barker's arms were covered with up to ten injection marks and traces of heroin and cocaine were found in his body.No money was found on his body or in his flat on Lowedges Road, Lowedges, where it is believed there could have been £10,000 cash stored in savings.

In an unusual step, dreadlocked Johnson was brought to the inquest room at Sheffield Magistrates Court from Preston prison, Lancashire, to give evidence from the dock while flanked by three officers.

Johnson told the inquest he had "no idea" how that much heroin got into Mr Barker's body. He added: "When he was with me we did it on the foil - smoking - not injecting."

Mr Barker's brother Peter, aged 50, of Rochdale, said: "It's possible that Chris had up to £10,000 in his flat - he was saving to buy a house. You (Johnson) say you only knew Chris for around four weeks and in that short time his cash had gone, he was £4,000 overdrawn and he was found dead with up to 10 heroin injections. It's a surprising fact."

The inquest heard how Mr Barker's credit cards would be used to buy alcohol and phone top-up cards to swop for drugs. The drugs were then shared between friends including Johnson and Johnson's sister Melanie Ellis.

Miss Ellis told the court she had been having a relationship with Mr Barker - who suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

She referred to him as her 'Sugar Daddy' and coroner Chris Dorries asked her:

"Is it the case that this man was taken advantage of in the weeks leading up to his death?

Did there come a situation where he would not or could not keep buying things?

Did there come a time when people really didn't care what happened to him?"

Miss Ellis denied this.

It was June 2001 when Mr Barker and Johnson sat drinking and smoking heroin in Miss Ellis' Broomhall home.

The pair went out for a walk at around 4am.

Mr Barker was later found slumped on the pavement. Witnesses have said Miss Ellis, Johnson and a third friend Mark Clark then dragged Mr Barker back into the house.

Johnson said he walked in of his own accord.

He was left at the bottom of the stairs before being found dead at around 8am.

Mr Barker had 'minor' injuries over his face and neck as well as bruises in the shape of finger marks over his arms.Police initially launched a murder investigation although this was later dropped through lack of evidence.The coroner is set to deliver a verdict on November 4.

20 October 2004

Source: http://www.sheffieldtoday.net/ViewArticle2.aspx?SectionID=58&ArticleID=873870

There is a £10,000 reward for information leading to conviction see below link;


The Police have been thoroughly disgusting in South Yorkshire. Their 'fall guys' at WEST BARR Police station, Sheffield, are DS Andy Jarman, who is as thick as pig shit, and DC Martin Quinn, who has a speech impediment.
Bereaved family offer £10,000 info reward

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View GalleryRELATIVES of a man found dead in Sheffield five years ago have put up a £10,000 reward for information about his death, in the belief he was murdered.

Christopher Barker, aged 43, from Lowedges Road, Lowedges, died in his girlfriend's house in Broom Walk, Broomhall, in June 2001.
An inquest into the former soldier's death ruled he died from a heroin overdose, but that he may have survived if friends had called for an ambulance earlier.

But Mr Barker's relatives believe the circumstances surrounding his death were more sinister - and think he was deliberately injected with heroin to kill him.

They claim two weeks before he died he was mugged and robbed of a credit card, and one week before his death he rang his brother's partner claiming he had been beaten up and feared for his life.
Relatives have informed South Yorkshire Police of their suspicions but say they feel let down by a lack of action.
They have also written to their MP Paul Rowen, who has sent a letter to the police asking for a report on the investigative work surrounding the death.

Christopher's brother Peter Barker, 52, from Rochdale, Lancashire, said: "There are too many things about my brother's death that do not add up.
"For him to ring up a week before and say he felt frightened and that people wanted him dead is something that has to be taken seriously by the police.
"Also, his bank account had been wiped out and credit cards had been run up, and when we looked into what the money had been spent on we discovered signatures had been used that weren't even my brother's.
"We believe he got in with a crowd who were using him for his money to keep them in drugs.
"We know Chris used to take drugs in the past - it was something he got into because of the Post Traumatic Shock syndrome he suffered after serving in Northern Ireland with the Army.
"But he stopped 12 years before his death, so for him to die of an overdose makes us suspicious."
An inquest into Mr Barker's death, held in November 2004, heard he died after a drugs and booze binge.
At the time coroner Chris Dorries said: "The circumstances of his death were contributed to by neglect, as there was a gross failure to take any action to obtain medical attention at the time of his collapse."
He said he believed Mr Barker had been "used" by friends for his cash, but that there was no evidence to suggest he had been murdered.
A South Yorkshire Police spokeswoman aid: "We have thoroughly examined all the concerns and complaints raised about this case and concluded that a proper investigation was carried out into the death.
"This review included the actions of the police, the circumstances of Mr Barker's death, contact with the coroner and further re-examination by the Crown Prosecution Service."

Email Peter Barker at sueper123 @ hotmail.com with information about Christopher's death.

Note : And people wonder why I stopped helping with the Poppy appeal !
a sad story indeed. Just a few thoughts here - my didn't the family help out more? And why did he have 10 grand savings lying about and not in a bank or savings account? He must have had bank account to have had a credit card and to be overdrawn - plus he must have had an overdraft agreement or his bank would have put a stop on his cash withdrawls. A posthumous war pension? Don't you have to be deceased to be posthumous?

You say you are not racist but referring to "foreigners" indicates a certain dislike. I don'y know, maybe you are just trying to be PC. You also have a lot of anger, understandable, but maybe this is clouding your judgement?

I am sorry to hear about your brother. I served alongside with some Fusiliers - decent lads.

Hello and thank you for your post BPC.

He was never able to keep a job down for many a year due to his PTSD. So he got his money in the hand. He was a skilled cabinet maker and antiques restorer having studied at one of the Oxford colleges

Chris was looking to buy his own home. hence the £10,000 in his flat.

He was on state benefits , so he had to hide his cash.

He could work maybe one day in a week, but he saved for over 10 years.

Apparently he was spotted by these 'foreigners' and they took all his money off him. They even used to take him to his local Post Office, then take all his money off him.

Regarding my use of foreigners. Mate, you do not want to know what I think of non-British people anymore. It seems what was common is now against the law to say. My next door neighbour has TWO wives, I told a Police Officer and he did not want to know. Halal and kosher ritual slaughter is against the law, but it is growing. So what is the Law ?

I never voted for them to come here, nor my family. And neither did anyone on this board.

Chris was mudered on the 29th June 2001, a Friday. We got his War pension award in late July 2001.
At least there is some life in this thread.

My own bunch, the RE's, are a shower of shite !

This shows in microcosm, the problem of ex-forces assocs.

99% are just boozing clubs.

So it will continue till the RBL gets taken a grip of.
Below is a copy of a post from the sappers section, I am shamed to say I was a sapper in the early 1970's.



Re: Walts run armoured farmers !
Posted: Sun Jun 03, 2007 2:32 am

OK you *********. (Why should I call you anything else after the nonsense you have posted ?)

My brother was murdered by foreign scum in June 2001. He had PTSD and was awarded a war pension, posthumously.

His name was Fus. Chris 'Lex' Barker , 2 RRF, 24375134.

He did three tours of Ulster to my knowledge, mostly at Armagh, in the mid 1970's.

He was robbed and beaten by drug dealing scumbags. When his credit card and debit had run out, they murdered him.

They took advantage of a sick ex-soldier.

The Police did not investigate properly.

This is why I rather hate many an ex-forces *. Your posts show you up.

We have named two people in Sheffield, being the main murderers.

Have a look at these links;



Put Chris Barker into the Sheff Star search engine, there is rather a lot of info.

Help ?

Yes, we want help.

But we have seen that most ex-forces are only interested in getting drunk at gatherings and getting their pictures in the papers.

This thread has shown the shite that most ex-forces are.

We only hope you do not ever need help from the ex-forces - you won't get it !

Because Chris was murdered by blacks, the Armoured farmers Association , the main official in the Armoured farmers Kev Bradley , who has black grandchildren, did not want to know.

Bradley was my best mate in the 'green machine'. My word he has changed !

Hence why we rarely come onto the ex-forces websites. At last, the last poster see's we have a major problem.

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