2 RRF/45 Cdo in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by News_of_the_World, Mar 18, 2007.

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  1. If you would like to see 2 Royal Regt of Fusiliers conducting a live firing exercise in Afghanistan before deploying to Sangin last week you can see it at www.notw.co.uk.

    Click on any news story in the index, scroll to the end and follow the link to 'Troops in action in Afghanistan'.

    There is also a good video of 45 Cdo Mortar Troop engaging the Taliban from their patrol base in Garmsir, southern Afghanistan around the same time.

    Appreciate they are not an army unit, but thought some of you might be interested in any case. With thanks to Andy and the lads for allowing us to film during the fire mission.
  2. you and your blatant plug need to foxtrot oscar
  3. That's a bit harsh Hicks. It's some Afghan footage, I found it worth watching.
  4. its the blatant two faced cheek. theyre not posting footage of afghan cos they igve amonkeys that it interest us or about the troops they just want more readers. if they can spin up some negative publicity about our troops they'll happily do that to sell more of their sub standard rag.

    stuff em.
  5. Roger that but I don't really think that NOTW has to spam on an Internet forum, especially one where the users are so media-savvy. Oh well, maybe I'm being naiive. Not worth expending anymore brain energy on it anyway...
  6. I agree with most of the above,the NOTW is only interested in "our boys" when it sells their rag of a paper.They write too many negative articles which are mostly unfounded about the armed forces for my liking!!
  7. For what it's worth, there is a commercial interest in encouraging people to visit the notw website.

    On the other hand, the lads appearing in these vids wanted people to see them. Simple as that really.
  8. Dear News of the world , as you say the lads want people to see the video, fair enough, and as you say there is a commercial interest getting visitors to your site .
    Now the thing is , you make a few bob from this but It realy would be a nice gesture that in view of the fact your getting a plug and a link through via this site , a donation to one of the many Forces charities would be nice . I dont suggest a front page exclusive on how the NOTW puts is money where is mouth is but............... get my drift ;)

  9. If you want to get the Forces a little more onside with your paper and sister paper, The Sun, you could make a useful start by stopping referring to the Forces as "lads".

    They aren't "lads" or "boys". This isn't a game of football, and they're not all male anyway.

    They are soldiers, troops, Privates, Marines, Riflemen, Gunners, Sappers, Seamen, Airmen and all ranks above. Apologies to anyone I've missed.

    WW can call the Forces what he likes, which is a privilege reserved for those on the inside. The rest of us should give them the respect they earn every minute of every day by using the titles they have worked hard to get.
  10. Very good point FluffyBunny.

  11. My bold - perhaps then you could donate the money you make from your commercial interest in this subject to a Forces charity?
  12. For what its worth, why be so harsh on this guy. Im happy that he has passed on this info. I hardly think we are all going to rush out and buy a copy of his rag. I can't anyway due to being a few thousand miles from a newsagent.

    I have no love for journos but I think he thought he was just doing the right thing............................ I'll get my coat, er, ok, I'll just leave
  13. Oh, forgot to say, said journo might want to think about what wheelchair warrior said and make a donation. Integrity...... now, thats a thought.