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Discussion in 'REME' started by bawbag, Apr 15, 2007.

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  1. Is anyone out there coming to Celle this summer? I'm with the RRF just now but my posting starts again when the Anglians turn up. If anyone has any questions about this place, then I'm more than happy to share any info. Also, what are the Poachers like to work with? I've heard they're a good bunch of guys.
  2. Last time they were in Celle they were fcuking awesome to be attached to. Good Battalion!
  3. Sorry to butt in, just posting as nearly got top ten threads. had to be done.
  4. I know the RRF are Off to Fally but I'm looking for a VM stripey spot asap. Do you know of any vacancies with the Angle Irons? Any info would be greatly appreciated!!
  5. I know a lot of lads in the Anglians they seem a very good bunch, did a good job in NI and then last year in Iraq. Havent been posted with there LAD though.
  6. Spent best part of 3 years with the poachers at Chepstow. Fantastic unit, appreciate there attached personnel and play hard.
  7. Was with the Poachers good bunch!!!
  8. sod off, that's my job!
  9. Nearly at the end of my time, but I did a spell with the Poachers in Celle, best unit I had ever served with, they were a great bunch then. Still have my Poacher proudly on display in my cellar bar
  10. A good bunch of lads they are, had a few attached with us in Iraq last year(albeit they got f***** shafted for camp security most days, there nickname ny the end of it was MGS multiple) and not afraid to take some ownership and responsibility for their vehicles which is more i can say for the unit im at, as they haven't seemed to grasp the concept of 'ARMOURED infantry' Bah humbug. Enjoy!
  11. This is a real question, feck off & stop wasing my time!
  12. Just remembered, was invited across to Celle for a severe ingress of alcohol by my old mate who was the ASM at the time (yes, late 80,s). Anyway, in the church (Poachers idea of run ashore) when we arrived the Padre was engaged in deep animated conversation with the parents, the father being the Provost Sgt. So we all sit down and the ceremony takes place. The Padre does the biz and wets the childs forhead saying " I name this child.....Annette, thank you Sgt and Mrs Curtain." Was worth the stau sat in getting up there.