2 royal anglian parade in Lincoln

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by JONCAL, Mar 12, 2009.

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  1. :D Good turn out in Lincoln today ,did the boys proud , my brother who is the guy dressed up as the regimental mascot ,said the reception they gave us in Lincoln was exceptional and thanks everyone so much,
  2. I was there cheering our Boys on, a very proud day and well done lads
  3. What,no "anti war types?"
  4. In Lincoln? Not on your nelly. One good thing about Lincoln is it has a massive connection and affinity to the military. Very old fashioned types who still believe in the good things about English tradition. Dare I say it, the population in Lincolnshire tend to be err, English and proud (if a little inbred and retarded :wink: ).

    If there were any 'anti-war' types, they would have been uni studes and would have been lobbed in the Brayford tied to a tractor very quickly!
  5. I both come from Lincolnshire and I go to the uni there; I went to the parade to complain about the noise because I wanted some sleep :wink:
    Damned red arrows and their jets waking me up!

    All in all a very good thing it was. Really pleased there was allot of positive noise and handshaking going on with the lads who weren't in the parade, Unfortunately I didn't get a good view of the thing, limited to what I could see from the train lines nearly 200metres back because it was that packed.

  6. I went along too - with my business partner who is ex Royal Anglian (TA - 2nd Lt though, so obviously doesn't count).

    Proud to cheer the boys home and proud of the reception that they were given.
  7. samm1551

    samm1551 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    My OH is 2nd Royal Anglians, but sadly stuck back in Celle. Obviously we are very pleased at the reception they got in Lincoln. Especially after so much hate at the beginning of the week.
  8. So did nobody watch the news about the 'Royal Anglians go to hell' posters, and then the shoeing the protestors nearly got from the general public?
  9. Where? when? Link?

    Or are you on about the Luton episode?
  10. Oh Flash, you really crack me up!

    No, really!
  11. quality - was it bacon butties all round after? :D
  12. Well done the yellowbellies!

  13. Even though I was only watching, when the Red Arrows came on with red white and blue smoke a second or two after "present arms" was given, I felt 10 Ft tall and very proud to be British. Some of the nigs in greens and smoking while bimbling up the high st were a bit annoying.