2 Royal Anglian Lanyard

As the title suggests I am looking for a 2nd Battalion Royal Anglian lanyard (that is the black one). I have tried the association shop (had none), tried the RHQ (said try the association shop :() and ofcourse ebay, but I cannot find one anywhere.

Can anyone point me in the appropriate direction?
Any Military Outfitters. If Bury St edmunds really don't have one ask them where to find one:

The Royal Anglian Regiment

Mil: 94650 5124
Civ: 01284 752394
Fax: 01284 752026

The Royal Anglian Regiment
The Royal Anglian Regiment Museum
The Royal Anglian Regiment Association
E.mail chief-clerk@anglian.army.mod.uk
Genuine ex-issue (used) British Army lanyards for service dress tunics. Lanyards, shoulder cords can be supplied in all colours to match corps or regimental style and type. Please call us on 01892 662 230 to confirm availability.

If they haven't got black get dark blue and buy some dye!!
Something special must be going on with my internet connection because I just could not find the piece of text you have just quoted. Oh well, I already emailed them so we'll see.

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