Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by BIGBAPS, Mar 10, 2008.

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  1. Hope you enjoyed time with your families this weekend lads.
    Good luck in Afghan. Know you'll do a good job out there. (if you survive St Paddys Day that is).

  2. God Bless Them.

    Quis Seperabit
  4. Good luck to all form the 2nd Bn, especially to all from the Milan Pl in Ards.

    Doot-de-doo-de-diddley-doo, "YO!!!", De-doot-de-doot-dedooo.
  5. Wish I was going with them.....

    Good Luck Lads......Here's hoping to a "Non-Kinetic" Tour!
  6. You are all in my thoughts guys, be safe and if needs be...........give to 'em Ranger style!!

  7. Thankyou. I'll pass on this info to the boys.
  8. You could've volunteered??

    We hope for a safe tour too. Luckily we've got Paddy's day to get the last drink in before it :D
  9. I wish I could have volunteered.....but due to a bloody freak accident at Longmoor on DEPO training and resulting complications from surgery I'm able to walk for about an hour without pain or swelling in the left leg.....Medical Board in DCU in April.....so currently feeling guilty that I'm not there to watch my mates backs and phished off because I'll never get to go on ops now....but thats neither here nor there now....just wishing / praying for a safe tour for them all.
  10. Good luck to all that are there, & stay safe.

    on behalf of D coy London Irish Rifles

  11. Lol would you class your injury as 'Kinetic' or just plain STUPID! LOL
  12. Aye yer ma :D

    Would you class your getting away from counting guns for 10 days and getting shot at twice a coincidence...
  13. Can anyone tell why the 2RIR company is named after a regular battle honour instead of one the TA were awarded?
  14. TA Bns have the same Battle Honours as their regular Bns. No such thing as a Reg or TA Battle Honour.

    P.S. RIR = Royal Irish Rifles. R IRISH = Royal Irish Regiment.
  15. Actually just did a google of NI TA and found out thrre were no TA units before 1947 - so cancel my last