2 Rifles parade through Croydon

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Jammy66, Oct 29, 2009.

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  1. I was fortunate to be able to see the homecoming parade by 2 Rifles through Croydon today. 100 of their finest marched through the town to presentation at the town hall and then onto a reception.

    There was a good turnout by the public, as well as families/friends of the men, and nice to say no protests of any sort. On top of that the weather was great too.

    It was very humbling to see Lt Alex Horsfal, Jake Otter and Craig Wood who were all seriously injured during the tour.

    Welcome home and well done all.
  2. yep heard about whilst at work would have longed to be there.Croydon was where I was brought up and seeing my old battalion being honoured would have made it a bit dusty.Saw the news report on iplayer and saw the interview, hope the guys get some well earned rest.
  3. I sure hope none of them caught anything walking through there.....
  4. B@llocks, missed it. Should have been promulgated throughtout the Regiment.
  5. B_B,

    Here's what you missed:

    ITN News

    BBC London News

    And Liverpool was every bit as outstanding as South London!
  6. Tiger Tiger Croydon is a shithole anyway, best avoided.

    It was a great day in Croydon though!
  7. I went to the Liverpool parade on Saturday, the reception was excellent and it was good to see how well thought of the blokes are by the people of Liverpool. My only critiscism would be of the parade organisers for not utilising a PA system to tell the crowd what was going on. This led to people clapping after the last post when they should of been in silence. At least the mistake was well intentioned!