2 rifles: ballykinler accomodation

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by UnitedScratchyArse, Feb 9, 2008.

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  1. could someone tell me about ballykinler accomodation? thanks
  2. There are security implications for what you asking about.
  3. Billet room spiders like wot they got at Church Crookham :D

  4. Why? Go there and find out for yourself. Your posts are non-sense.
  5. Correct. Informing him if a pitspace has a bedside mat is a sure fire way of inviting a kneecapping :roll:
  6. Probably just as bad as where you are now! Didn't think you would be moving to anywhere decent did you? And yes I do know where you are as I have eyes in your location, over.