2 RGJ, Bosnia , 1998

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by wedge35, Aug 29, 2011.

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  1. This is a long shot but worth a go.

    I was sorting through some old happy snaps a few days ago and came across a nice one that I took at the Gornji Vakuf P-Factory in Bosnia in 1998.

    B Company, 2 RGJ were co-located with my RE Squadron at the time and we used to stag on with shifts made up from both Units. I took a photo of a Rifleman who I got on well with, who I remember only as 'Wrighty'. It's quite a good picture of him on the front gate, with a couple of Bosnian kids squatting down in front of him. Obviously, given that in those days I was still using a steam-powered camera, he'll have never have seen it.

    So, if anyone knows the lad I'm on about or knows of a place where old members of the Black Mafia gather online, please give me a shout.

    Cheers :smile:
  2. Hey Wedge, I was on that very tour in that very place. And I stagged on at that front gate too!!
  3. Possibly not the right choice of words.

    Hats off to the chap, btw and I hope you find him. Remember when the Welsh Guards were at Banja Luka and they had to bring computer experts in the erase all the porn from their computers?
  4. Were you RGJ, RE or 'miscellaneous'?
  5. Wedge, as you know, I was also there with 2RGJ, though up in the hills at the shoe factory. Can you email me the photo, I may know who he is and know how to get a copy to him.
  6. Will do Smudge. Cheers.
  7. Wedge, I was "odds and sods"; check pm's :)
  8. I remember it well!