2 RGJ - Bosnia 1998 etc

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by durchy, Dec 21, 2009.

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  1. Been hanging around hear a while and thought I better start posting so interested if anyone was with the glorious 2 RGJ or was attatched to us at any point?

    Me - joined in Dover (anyone remember the red babboon :? :eek: ), went to Belfast then Paderborn and that was my last posting so no grief please - heard it all before :x .

    Best time was op tour of BOSNIA April to October 1998, at the P Factory in Gorni Vakuf when Paddy Carter was the CO. I was muckers with Pratty, Wrighty and Pee Giggler (do you remember when he picked up that dog by its back legs in Titos Fist and pushed him around like a hoover? Classic - Simpsons 1!). There was also that stab full screw who was keener than a keen thing and acted / thought like a woodentop not like a RIFLEMAN. You know who you are - TIIIT! :x

    aNYONE remember when 'Rab McNab' was caught taking happy snaps with his sword fixed? TIIIT! Also when that sloppo went mental and tried to do one out of camp (one egg banjo too many!!). Also when I put on that Malaysian straw hat - its a CLASSIC!

    Right, no abuse ta as I am out now and earning a pile so **** you! :x
  2. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Been down the pub?
  3. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I thought the RGJ's best operational tour was Cyprus in September '94.
  4. I was with R coy in Bosnia. Kosovo too. REME attached. Also with you guys in Warminster. Paderborn was a great time.
  5. R Company - arrr! Do you remember the pad brat girl band that came out for CSE? All the local choggies were there as well and I remember pinching one irritating little boy on the arm - great days!!
  6. 2 RGJ LAD 1999-2001, 1st R then A Coy did Kosovo and Bosnia. Still the best posting I've had, Paderborn was awesome.

    **** Durch :wink:
  7. That's because you had the pleasure of listening to Russ and I get w@nkered every night :)

    I thought you were there in'98 though?
  8. I must say I've had some of the best laughs coming into your room telling you to turn the fecking music down, and you and Russ with the Penis enlargers oh how we laughed.
  9. Those were the days. I reckon a Paderborn reunion is in order.

    W@nk durch.
  10. And you strapping the gym body 8 to dangerous Brians feet in his sleep.

    Yes, reunion definately.

    W@nk Durch.
  11. Anyone not REME?
  12. Not earning a pile writing poems I take it ;)
  13. Oh **** off you knobber, no wonder you called yourself after a ******* sausage.
  14. Ol durchy is so sensative about his poetry
    even though its just like rotting poultry
    If you offend him he hits out with fictional sausages
    despite the fact its all in good fun, he just cannot use his humour gauges.

  15. ooooh, you devil! :roll: