2 REP selection course

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Oi Blud, Jan 14, 2012.

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  1. Just asking, does the FFL have selection courses (IE: British Paras P Company) to those who make it to 2 REP?. If so what does the training consist of and what is required?.
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  2. You do realise that this is a forum based on the British Armed Forces don't you?

    Why not ask your questions on one of hundreds of FFL sites?
  3. REP? For a moment I thought you'd said RMPs. RMPs are my first choice. PARAs are my second.
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  4. No selection as such but its normally deemed to be the top five legionnaires passing out of basic training
  5. Never knew that... but what was the TAPs and 'promotion' course all about? Is that selection or just a 'warming up for the fun' sort of gig?

    Aren't 2REP the only airbourne unit (poss in the world) that have their own jump school... they don't bother with using hte French Armies one. It would be like 1 Para having its own school whilst everyone else wnet through Brize.
  6. Why not take your spamming to any of the thousands of other sites?
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  7. I am happy to be corrected on this, but I believe 2ieme Regiment Etrangere Parachutiste is comprised of 3 Battalions - closely approximating to Brigade size (5 AB Bde, as was?) in UK Army terms.

    NOTE: Again, I stand to be corrected, but I know of no other Army than the British in which single battalion-sized units are titled as 'Regiments'. In most Armies, a Regiment is a tactical entity, of 3 to 4 battalions, usually of a single type (inf/armour/Para) commanded by full Colonel.

    In some Armies (e.g. the US), a Regimental Combat Team would be an all-arms organisation built around a Regiment of infantry or of tanks, but lately the Septics have shifted to employing Brigades (e.g. Stryker Brigades, still commanded by a full Colonel), and I haven't taken the time to figure out what the difference is.
  8. The 2eme REP's strength is around 1100 men split into 4 combat companies plus HQ support, nowhere near as large as 5 AB
  9. Well, let's hope that he's still happy to be corrected.
  10. And they've lost teh CRAP ;D
  11. A mate of mine who was in one of the REI mobs told me that during the interview and testing phase if you bang on about playing rugby you'll get shuffled to 2 REP. Apparently the former 2 REP blokes who do/did the selection had instructions to make sure Anglais rugby players got sent over as 2 REP like to win at le rugby.

    It may be true, it may be a load of bolleau.
  12. Just changed it to GCP (apparrently after 1 too many piss takes on joint/NATO exercises)

  13. I'm not current on this, but I was at Pau ( ETAP) for a spell in the '70's. All airborne candidates including paramilitary police units, male and female were trained there.
    Are you confusing the 'continuation training' facilities at Calvi with the ab initio course at ETAP?
  14. Really? When I passed out, the top man went to 2 REI and the last man went to 2 REP, but maybe it's changed now, it was a while ago!