2 rapists escape from open nick - why were they in open nick

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BuggerAll, Jul 31, 2006.

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  1. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    It was pretty widly reported that 2 men who had raped children and were serving life sentences had escaped from open prison. The police advised that anyone seeing them should not appraoch them as they are dangerous.

    WTF where people who raped children (and are considered dangerous) doing in an open prison?

    Where has our society gone so wrong that thyis is allowed to happen?
  2. It was also widely reported they were captured again.
  3. They were found on Sunday after being spotted by a member of the public walking alongside a road.
  4. A fair point though. After their escape, we were advised not to approach them (could be wrong on this), so why were they considered to be so low risk as to be put in an open prison?
  5. It was just like the case of Roderick McLean in Scotland. He was sentenced to 21 years for a failed drugs importing operation. 6 years into his sentence he was transfered to Leyhill open prison. What happned then, he absconded!.
  6. just curious, I am not a memver of the daily Mail Dooooes Noooobody Care anyMORE? club, but I wonder how they assess the suitability of these people to be placed in an open prison.
  7. Apparently they absconded after being allowed access to the keys to their cells. WTF?
  8. Don't you see it's part of a cost saving exercise by the Home Office? If prisoners fcuk off, they aren't in their cells (reduces overcrowding), aren't eating meals and no longer require prison officers to watch over them.

    Here I'll make my one concession to the Daily Mail-types of Arrser. I have another way of reducing the number of nonces in the prison system- put them in with the general prison population- but with a special uniform to indicate that they're sex offenders. I'm sure the decent armed robbers and murderers can take care of the rest for us.
  9. They make a promise, never never to do naughty things again. As easy as that :x

  10. If they had had their throats slit in the market square for their crimes there would have been no embarresment to the government like this.
  11. I thought you were taking the pee with that until I read this:

    The news report I heard yesterday morning said not to approach them if seen. I know a few people who wouldn't mind - preferably with a blunt tool in hand. Make them wish they had stayed where they were. Bstards. I wouldn't be surprised if a vigilante mob of parents were starting up their own search teams for them.
  12. and it would have saved the taxpayer alot of money!
  13. This method certainly seems to have worked for Sinn Fein/IRA.
  14. They don't need keys. I've been around this "prison" during the course of my work and it's a holiday camp of the highest order. The lags wander about as happy as larry. they've got a nice dining room, two football pitches (that aren't even fenced in) and nature trails to wander about in.

    You've got to wonder why they'd ever want to leave. Most squaddies live in barracks that make this "prison" look like the ritz.

    They should stay in places more akin to Nescliffe or any number of training area camps. even that's too good for them.
  15. Lets not be under any illusions about prisons, everyone knows who the sex offenders are whether its through the press or through the screws, they get a hard time trust me, maybe not as hard as they should though get becasue they are in sol most of the time.

    The further through their sentance they get, they get moved to lower cat prisons, its so their 'rehab' int the 'community' is easier when they get out.

    Disgusting I know!!