2 quick and dumb questions (bergan and daysack)

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by here_be_mike, Mar 20, 2007.

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  1. Ok I've been told by my training team that you pack your kit in the main part of the bergan into a dry bag, then close it and put your sleeping bag in its bivi bag on top. But I’ve read a couple of people on here saying they put the sleeping bag into the dry sack along with their kit, which method is correct/best?

    Also I'm currently using the forces 33 day sack but because it has a semi-rigid backing to it its a bit annoying trying to stuff under the bergan lid (also I think that the back on it keeps knocking my Kevlar down my face when prone). How compressible is the NI patrol pack as I just found one for £30 and heard it’s meant to be pretty good. Thanks.
  2. 2 quick and dumb answers....

    Packing your bergan is for you to figure out. Sorry. I personally prefer to pack a dry bag and then put my doss bag on top in it's bivi. But in the event of having to carry more kit, I carry the compression just in case.

    I also have added some pouches to the outside, for keeping items that i need handy - basher building kit and spare socks/foot powder.

    A semi rigid is going to be a pain in the arse. But can be done. Range master and PLCE Day sac both work well.
  3. Cheers CF. Better to learn than be told, but rather not do somthing silly. At the moment im not exactly river rafting with the bergan so ill keep the sleeping bag out of the dry bag.

    Though can you tell me if the NI patrol pack is just generaly a shaped bit of fabric of if it has a semi rigid back to it?
  4. no idea, never used one.

    Have a feeling it is a shaped bit of fabric with foam in, but may be thinking of something else.
  5. Thanks antonyb, looks like i better practice my 2nd hand car sales man banter to sell my old ruck to my mate :D
  6. Fellas-

    It's Bergen with 2 "e"'s. How do you think they got their names?



  7. Way ahead of you mate. When carrying the Bergen I keep the day sack empty under the lid, and then one of the rocket pouches keeps my warm kit and waterproofs with stuff for day sack at the top for easy grabbing.

    Though since by the sounds of it you have one of them could you tell me if the pack goes far up the back like the Forces 33 (it’s annoying that), or does it stay quite low like a rocket pack /w yoke?
  8. Nah doubt ill be using the top lid because of that. Cheers again for the info mate :thumleft:
  9. Mike, this MAY help. I was suffering the same as you a while back. I created a thread along similar lines.

    Earlier Thread

  10. Sarastro

    Sarastro LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Mike, remember that even though you may want to pack your kit your own way, and may do so when in your unit, until the end of RT you need to pack it the way the TT tell you. So for the moment, I'm guessing, it's sleeping bag in bivvy.

    Actually it's named after the bloke who invented that type of rucksack, Ole Bergan, not the city Bergen. Also, Norwegians spell the name both ways. Damned vikings, eh?
  11. For AACC I attached two strong loops of bungee cord to the front of the Bergan. I was then able to attach a half-full daysack to the back and not top flap it. Some people prefer the weight at the top of the shoulders instead but I prefered it lowed down, plus I didn't look like I was carrying a clocktower on my back.