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To give a brief introduction to my situation I am 26, been working in business for the last 6 years and I want to apply for RMAS. I spent time recently upgrading my UCAS points to meet requirerments and keeping up my fitness. I have done well in the world of business but the role doesnt inspire me, I feel I am growing old behind a desk!

Having done alot of research on this board I have a couple of questions.

1. There are a couple of people on this site who have suggested that they will move the age entry requirerments making 26 the upper age band early next year. With a birthday comming up in Janurary that would put me out of contention. Can anybody confirm this (careers office gave me a blank look)

2. My prefered area would be Infantry, most likely a Scottish regiment. When I visited the careers office I was told that people joining at my age are often seen as less desirable by Infantry regiments. Does anybody have any experience of this?

Grateful for any feedback.
I'm merely a PO at the moment so take everything I say with a pinch of salt. No doubt there are other on this site with more experience and knowledge than I but I will answer your questions with what information I do have.

1. I was at a PIOFV less than a week ago and the officers there told us that although the age is coming down, if you have your MB done by next May then you will be 'Grandfathered' through the process i.e. can still go through the Factory if you're over 26.

2. My ACA said the same to me about the infantry (I'm 24 now and provided all goes according to plan will start the Factory at 25). At the same PIOFV the topic of age came up and again the hosting officers said that it's really about you. If you're a quality candidate and fit in within the Regiment/Mess then that's far more important than you're age. By way of example one of the officers on said visit was commissioned into his regiment at 26.5 and it's a single battalion regiment which only takes 4/5 new subalterns a year!
I'm 26 and at briefing next week, incidentally I've since been sent a letter to attend the medical centre during the briefing which is probably to measure me up for my desert pattern Zimmer frame or similar... Anywho, I digress.

I have put a but of a rush on things, 27 in feb, and have learned the following so far:

1. AOSB say they have not been officially told about any impending change to the upper age limit although the ACIO(o) chaps all seem to know about it.
2. It may only apply those those "not already in the system" although I'm unsure about how into the system one needs to be before considered safe on this, ie application submitted or actually at RMAS.
3. I last heard that May 2012 is the date that the upper age limit will change, so you need to be "in the system" by then, according to current rumour, I've taken this as "be at RMAS" by then and am doing everything I can to shorten the process, I've taken a cancellation place at briefing, arranged FAM visits with my sponsor and training daily.

I think you can move quite quickly if you are proactive with your paperwork (especially your GP stuff) I ended up popping round to the surgery for a chat and got the practice manager to email the docs directly which helped, some surgeries will actually retain your paperwork until they receive their reimbursement!!

From registering your interest on the army website to getting a briefing can probably be done in 3-5 months if you keep on top of things and your ACIO(o) is onside.

All the best,

'Evening all.

A quick word or two for the "elderlies".

The process for selection continues during your CC. At the end of Inters your progress will be reviewed by your Pln O/C, who may, or may not, recommend you for combat arms. All other things being equal, to have a sporting chance of Inf you will need to have clearly exceeded the course phys requirements. Broadly, it's all very well doing 8 miles with 35 kg up within the time, but if you're not ready to go into an assault, after the briefest of breaks, immediately afterwards, your journey will have been wasted. Just achieving the times for 1.5 miles won't cut it either; speed can matter when covering open ground.

If you've thought only of one arm, and at the end of Inters you're told it's no go, that can be a sickener. And no-one really wants to go through "clearing". So it's well worth planning for an option other than Inf. There are lots of them.


Old Rat

You may be more up to date than I. When I went through the mill many moons ago, it didn't matter what your Pl Comd recommended you for as the decision sat firmly with the regimental selection boards. Do I understand correctly that nowadays, in order to get infront of a teeth arms regimental selection board, you first need a teeth arms recommend from your Sandhurst CoC? If this is the case, what happens to those OCdts sponsored by Inf/RAC who fail to receive the recommendation? Are they barred from going infront of the Regiment who originally sponsored them? Or are these combat recommends witheld only by exception and only from boarderline pass/fail cadets?

More up to date, well possibly, unless you've been through during the last say, three years. I should concede that my offering is based on a small sample.

No, they're not barred from going before regimental boards, but put yourself in their, the older candidates', position. They're told, in effect, " You're not recommended for combat arms, but of course feel free to go ahead if you wish, as not all regiments listen to us."

Any entrant should remember that "all bets are off" so far as concerns sponsorship once they've commenced a CC. IMHO a little insurance is often useful, particularly for older entrants.

I'm off to polish the zimmer and put the teeth in.

Old Rat
'Evening all.

A quick word or two for the "elderlies".

The process for selection continues during your CC. At the end of Inters your progress will be reviewed by your Pln O/C, who may, or may not, recommend you for combat arms.
This may be the process still, but this is not the time frame any more. At the end of inters, the RSB's have already sat! You have to make 2 choices as early as the first 7 weeks of juniors.

The precise time frame at the moment:

Week 7 Juniors (Monday): Initial choice of arm preference must be expressed (2 choices)

Week 7 Inters (Monday): Binding declaration of preference of choice of arm must be made (1st and 2nd choice)

Week 12 Inters (Whole Week: Regimental Selection Boards Sit

Week 13 Inters-Week 3 Seniors: Clearing Process for all Cadets not placed at RSB.)

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