2 Qs in 1

Ok i had my CB which was 4,500 for 4 years service!

i cant work out what my 5 year bonus will be! its like a bloody criptom factor challange trying to work anything out in this job!

Also i want to transfer to the RMP " awaits rotten tomatoes and eggs being thrown "

im in a infantry battalion which has decided to move even further away from any of its recruiting counties! yes i know that happens to most battalions but me and my family really dont fancy moving to salisbury " shudders at the thought"

I realise i cant now transfer for 2 years cos of the bonus! but that runs out in time for the move to salisbury " shudders "!

Is it difficult to change over to another job? noone ever has any answers for me when i ask stuff! its sort of erm ask blah blah and then there on sports afternoon or something and i think sack it!

anyway any help much appreciated! :)
GrumpyGit said:
What happens when the RMP post you to Salisbury? or god forbid somewhere else in Wiltshire?
Good point GG.

ISDP you do realise that with the RMP you could be posted WORLDWIDE, don't you?

I would suggest you sit down and have a long think, with your family, over which way you want to procede with life.

If you are only transferring to keep your family in its current locstat in the short term (and it will be*) then you might find you get upset further down the line.

It is easy to transfer, and you can transfer inside your commital time. You only committed to serving the Colours for that time... not the Regiment.

Speak to your CoC, if that isn't producting the goods, request an interview (by letter if neccesary) with teh RCMO.

There are Internal Transfer Fairs that run quite often.

Could you transfer to the incoming Bn?

Why do you need to keep your family in situ? Is there anyother way of meeting these requirements?

Does your base have MPGS?

*If you transfer to RMP, I would expect your family to stay in situ for at least as long as the training course.... after that you could end up as GPD in BFG, Cyprus or Salisbury.

There is a chance you could end up in whereever you are now..... that would end on the next posting approx 2-4 years down the line.
It seams that some people no longer join the army to see a bit of the world, but just want to stay at home - very stange.

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