2 policewomen gunned down

lets hope that those responsible for yet another atrocity on the streets of great britain are caught quickly.
Dreadful , awful news. RIP to the fallen Policewoman , and heartfelt prayers for the safe recovery of her injured colleague.
Sad dreadfull news, yet another fine officer lost, and one in hospital. I pray she makes a full and rapid recovery. Thoughts are with the families and collegues. RIP .... so much to say but just dont seem to have the words right now
Tragic news thought and prayers are with both families at this awful time.
Respect and condolences to the brave women and their families
a terrible tradegy. i only hope their local constabulary's armed response unit happens across these armed thugs and makes short work of them. apparantly they're using HK G36Cs (according to the news on ATM) -- a nice weapon.
A sad day, deepest respect and condolences to their family, friends and colleagues.

You can run but you can't hide!

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