2% pay increase as from 1 Apr 10

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by MemSec, Mar 10, 2010.

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  1. AFPRB report is out today. All ranks up to Brigadier and equivalents receive a 2.0 per cent pay increase implemented from 1 April 2010.

    Reserve Bounties:

    • Volunteer Reserve Forces Training Bounty

    Year 1 - £424.00
    Year 2 - £934.00
    Year 3 - £1,443.00
    Year 4 - £1,443.00
    Year 5 - £1,674.00

    • Ex-Regular Officers and Other Ranks Training Bounty - £396.00

    • University Units Bounty

    Year 1 - £143.00
    Year 2 - £169.00
    Year 3 - £205.00

    • High Readiness Reserve Bounty - £424.00

    • Sponsored Reserve Bounty based on the Training Bounty with rates varying between 50 per cent and 100 per cent depending on training commitment.

    • Call Out Gratuity - £509.00
  2. woo

    roll on april, hello bounty, hello council tax...goodbye bounty see you next year
  3. So well below inflation then... nice one
  4. What is the High Readiness Reserve bounty for ?
  5. It's paid to members of the HRR for being on the HRR contract.
  6. Ooooooh... what shall I spend it all on? :excited:
  7. Personally i feel it is ok , To be honest i was not expecting anything this year.
    Extra crate of beer a month that is how i look at it.
  8. And add in your increment pay rise....you can get a box of crisps as well!
  9. I bet they are the horror bag favourite Tayto's ready salted flavour too :lol:
  10. to me its a shining light, got this email from the CEO on the 2nd...


    got this today...

    What has to be done to get a bonus then??
  12. when needs must...

  13. When does the bounty hit accounts? Only £900 would be most gratefully appreciated!
  14. That the first this year?
  15. Last year it was around the 1st of may. That is if your admin bod gets the paperwork in before the pay closes.