2 Para - wilting and dying flowers as a tribute

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Baseplate, Jun 28, 2008.

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  1. G'day, all. Not sure if this is the correct forum for this post but here goes:

    This afternoon, I rode along the Mersea Rd in Colly, past 2 Para's barracks. A beautiful summers day, the 'bike burbling like a goodun when I pass the entrance to said barracks.

    The railings are covered in floral tributes (for obvious reasons): a very sombre sight.

    I pulled over to just bow my head and stand for a bit: sadly, I was horrified to discover that, given the weather, most of these tributes are dead. Not wilting, but dead.

    Your opinions, fellas: when do such heartfelt tributes (and some of the handwritten personal messages would break the heart of a CQMS!) stop being a tribute and become a messy, demeaning eyesore?

    Is the unit insensitive when it removes them? Or does the Badge rift the night staff and get them shifted at Oh Christ Double Oh?

    And do the Army/Military now subscribe to People's Princess mourning stylee?

    *hastily completes to Stage 2 and awaits incoming*
  2. Well that's me outraged.
  3. I'm not a fan of floral tributes; I certainly wouldn't want them myself (so much so that that is written into my death letters and my will). The moment they wilt, have 'em down, if not sooner.
  4. I'd personally be more upset at the loss of life from 2 Para than the fact some florala tributes were dying.

    You nob.

    Edited to add.

    You nob.
  5. The tributes have been sorted out before with the dead ones being removed. I have just phoned a mate of mine in the PRA who lives around the corner from the barracks and he will have alook at them and speak to someone on Monday. Bearing in mind that on Monday the funeral of L/Cpl Bateman takes place in Colchester on Monday morning.
  6. Flowers are dead as soon as they are picked, dick.
  7. Some of you are so quick to jump in with two footed outrage.

    The bloke has only mentioned that the floral tributes are past their best because of the hot weather.

    Rotten wilted flowers don't look to good as a tribute. You can guarantee on Monday the News crews will be outside the gate, how good will it look?
  8. Perhaps mark out an area for the flowers but put up a sign to say that wilted and dead flowers will be removed. Remove the cards from the flowers and paste them into a condolences book for the Regt Padre to display.

    Alternatively, put up a condolences book and instead of flowers, ask people to make a contribution to one of the many forces charities.
  9. Does the loss of 5 TA in a month, 4 last week not concern you enough to stop mouthing off at "stab cnuts" for a few days.
  10. Doubt it, he's a prick with a chip on his shoulder. If you want to respond Geordie, start a new thread or go to PMs.


    Gopping civvy cnut.

    If the flowers are past their best, take 'em down, paste the cards into a book as the sensible chap has suggested above.

    God Bless them all.
  11. Myself and Port Short have been to a wedding in the Shot today and we toasted every man jack that had been wounded or killed. There were blokes at the wedding that were missing bits from Afghanistan etc so don't worry if flowers were dying, the blokes are doing their best and won't be worrying.
  12. Good shout Jack.
  13. Indigo has a good idea.

    Regards the floral tributes. It is not the Paras putting thm there, if people wish to put flowers up that is their choice. If it looks like a Princess Diana tribute, then so it does, but it is obviously how people wish to show their support and greif.

    I rather fancy, however, that the 2 Para rear party (indeed any rear party who had lost so many comrades) would have slightly more pressing matters to hand than flower arranging.

    Perhaps those ex-members of the airbourn fraternity, or even those who hark to 24 Airmobile, could spare a few minutes tidying the tributes up for the Bn. Collect the cards of tribute and put them in a folder for the Padre rather than expecting him to do it.

    Fcuk it, if you are a Cadet Instructor or Boy Scout leader ask the lads to do it, for a bit of community spirit. I´d imagine many of the Para Bn/Air Assault brats are in these organisations.

    I am sure any Bn would appreciate the gesture, at a time, when they are probably dealing with much more important matters, even if these matters are not so in the public eye.
  14. Hmm: as expected, varying opinions - and some complete, utter bllx too.

    Geordie_Blerk: please read my initial post. If need be, let your mouth open and close as you read the words - you may then make sense of them. My friend, in nearly 30 years service, I carried out Bearer Party duties far too many times: when I was young, they were my friends, the same age as me. When I was older, they were the age of my own son: most I had taken through training.