2 Para CO.....Lucky Chap!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jack-daniels, Feb 24, 2011.

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  1. Proof that God is Airborne

  2. Lucky lucky man... I recall that picture in a previous thread about spotting something out of the ordinary, if i remember rightly. Couple of months ago.
  3. Yeah....someone was trying to point out he was incorrectly dressed or something!
  4. Yes, DPM is a sea of MTP that was.
  5. Had a mate have a RPG bounce of his Snatch back in Basra (or surrounds) [He said either a dud or something about it not arming it was fired so close] but actualy off _you_ is something else again!
  6. I just can't imagine having an RPG bounce off you. Very, very lucky man.

    Utrinque Paratus? I doubt even he was expecting that, hope his wounds heal quickly and there's no lasting effects
  7. I think it's 100m before the RPG arms, but they've still be known to go right through people without even exploding. Lucky doesn't seem a strong enough word!
  8. Always nice to hear of officers of his rank taking some of the same risks as his lads. At least he can look them in the eye.

    Hope he's fully healed and back with his men as soon as possible. In the meantime - Enjoy your well earned rest Sir !

  9. Some escape that Colonel, well done you!
  10. Always suspected that DPM had superior ballistic properties.
  11. That'll be one for dinner parties.

    Although in a decade or so no-one will believe him. I can see it now in a 2032 ARRSE thread; "There's a old bloke who says he was a Para and states he got hit in the chest by a RPG and survivied, is he a Walt?"
  12. Infantry Commanding Officer's were usually inspirational leader's in my day. Lt Col Andy Harrison certainly seem's to fit that bill. I hope he recovers completely. I bet his battalion now think he is a God!
  13. Having worked with the Colonel in the past, he truly is hard as nails - and also quite scarey! Fair bit of experience that man has too.

    Please let us not forget David Bradley who took an RPG to the chest (via his rifle) and sustained serious injuries while leading his company in Basra.