2 Para - 3 Para


I know at the moment this is a very long way away like but when i pass P Company and do my jumps course do i then get the choice to join either battalion 2 or 3 Para. If the answer is yes is there any diffenernces between the two? as to what ive found on the internet they seem to be the same to what i can make out. One last thing on this site (http://www2.army.mod.uk/para/3bn/home/index.htm)its mentions that the battalion is split into differtnt companies eg:3 Rifle companies, a support company... Would i get to decide which one i am part of?


Yes it might still be quite a way off but assuming you are successful simply ask your plt sgt for a form and tick the box of the unit you would like to goto 2/3 para and which coy ie. 3 para mortars.
Easy as that


Is there some way to find out when and where each battalion is going on exercise and ops too? I'd like to time it so as I finish training there is as little amount as time as possible before an operation.
18 months from now they'll be in Afghan again - both battalions have just come back. Keep working in multiples of 18 months for the next 15 years or so. Don't worry the action will come.

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