2 New Discoveries I cant Keep To Myself

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by Markintime, Jan 24, 2010.

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  1. #1 Quinta de la Rosa Douro Valley Red from Waitrose. £9.99 a bottle of Portuguese liquid heaven. It's made from Port grapes especially blended. 14% and such a drinkable wine. I highly recommend it and am off tomorrow to get a case to tuck away for those special occasions!

    #2 Seriously Strong Spreadable with Chilli, more moreish than Othello especially on Ryvita Multigrain Thins.
  2. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Might give the wine a go, but not sure about the chilli!
  3. Markintime,

    That sounds great! maybe we can have a dedicated 'ARRSE Wine Recommended Table' here in the forum, rate the wines from 1-10 could be onto a winner.
  4. Sounds like a good idea that. I quite often look for a bit of a steer when it comes to buying wine.
  5. 'Ello, they do one with chilli? That's a first to my ears. One to try.
  6. It's good. Very good. In fact, you've just reminded me that there's some in my fridge, so I'm going to go and get some to go with my ale!

    Might have to hunt down a Waitrose to get to try the wine though...
  7. Hhhhhmmmm!! :roll: I no longer drink. It's 2 years and 3 days since any alcohol passed my lips. But that sounds so damned tempting, Markintime. :evil: Get thee behind me, Satan!
  8. in Sainsburys and Asda look out for Dr Loosen the label has Dr L and its only approx 12% but has a beautiful taste and is highly reccommended by various newspaper tasters
  9. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    On the wine side of things, I recently had the pleasure of trying a subtle white called Jacques Veritier. Having spoken to the staff at the Thai restaurant we dined in, they told me they have it on order from a supplier in London. I have been unable to find anyone who stocks this, but anyone else who's heard of it / knows of it - I would be grateful if you could point me in the right direction.
    My wife likes the Gales fruit wines, and after much research I eventually tracked down a stockist only 15 miles away - so anyone interested in that please let me know.
    As for other discoveries... For those of you that go sea fishing in the colder days, there's nothing like cheese and picalilly sandwiches with a flask of tomato soup for 'dippers'.
  10. Jacques Veritier typed into Google will give over 500 Websites .
    Edited to add or have I been drawn in hook line and sinker .
  11. #2 Seriously Strong Spreadable with Chilli, more moreish than Othello especially on Ryvita Multigrain Thins.[/quote]

    Try it in toasted Pitta bread, pop it into a micro for about 1minute, god its nice
  12. Will try that. Brings to mind Granby when we had flat Arab bread with Milkana spread on it and jalapeno chillis mashed up on it! Orgasmic!
  13. The first time I had Pitta bread was while doing the port guard in Famagusta, the Greek cook used to make bacon and cheese pitta bread toastys, been totally hooked on them ever since, but Seriously strong chilli realy makes them something else, F*** this Im putting the bacon under the grill now
  14. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Finding a decent bottle of wine for a tenner does not score you any hero points my friend......6 quid recomendations for my folks back in UK would be appreciated though. :D

    P.S. Something that Brits know - like Chateau Neuf du Pape, runs at 10 Euros (9 quid) for a Grand Cru in French supermarkets - it is possible to do much better for that money though.
  15. JD Wetherspoons were selling Chateau Neuf cheaper than that last year in their wine festival, OK so it was a loss leader and there were only six bottles per pub, but it was very nice, at I think about £8.99 a pop