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2(NC) Sigs Brig - MTDs for personal phys?

I've heard a rumour of a memo from Brig HQ which states something along the lines of TA soldiers who train in their own time (as i do at a local gym) can reclaim MTD's (or parts thereof) for the training they do. I think this is a cracking idea, but i've yet to have "eyes on" said memo.

Has anyone else seen it? Has your Regt circulated it? How do you provide evidence to claim MTD's? In my case the gym could back me up on the number of hours i do. Is there a maximum MTD allowance for this?

All info appreciated.

Of course, the memo could be entirely fictional, but then this is a rumour service :wink:

Have not checked other thread so full answer may be there but....

As I understand it there is a Bde wide policy. 1/4 days pay for training at a gym (i.e. not just running yourself etc) up to 1 MTD per month. 31 (CoL) Sig Regt has instituted this already although there have not been many responders. I know of another 2 (NC) Bde unit that aim have it up and running from Jan.

Perhaps an idea to kick this up your chain of command to see what your unit/regt policy is on this.



What a spooky concept - you might as well just give everyone a days pay every month as a fitness insurance. What if they then fail the test - do they have to pay it back?


What next, a quarter days pay for each e.mail, or phone call?. Oh, actually, this post is military based, I'd better fill in a pay sheet straight away.

The policy is to be strictly monitored. If fitness does not improve or if it falls then the extra pay will be stopped. Also you need to have proof of gym membership and receipts or bank statements to back it up. No extra pay if you fail any of the above.
polar said:
^Me thinks STAB's regiment is in the wrong Bde
I don't have a Regiment, and which Brigade I might or might not end up in is subject to some regulars who have only one thing on their mind, and it ain't rebalancing.....

It's still bonkers

and by the way, that was another 15 minutes towards my next quarter day claim....

'stab is an anagram of bats'
Why on earth would soldiers in 2(NC) Sig Bde need to improve their fitness?? Or are they planning on putting the commcens upstairs or at the other end of the corridor?? :twisted:

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