2 (NC) Sig Bde SNCO and WO study weekend

The 2nd one is to run in November, I went on the last one and it was one of the best weekends I've been on in recent years. Many of the speakers will have been on the corps study days (in Elmpt?).

p.s. The class 2-1 workbook has been revised, new version is 1.3 dated July 2007 (available on RLI). Now need 2 years of class 2 experience before attendance.

p.p.s. Where the frack have the 2-3 workbooks gone from the RLI. Not on 2 Sig Bde website or SOINC

p.p.p.s. Why isn't the RSTO for Op class 1 (/REEBOK for Dummies) being released?

p.p.p.p.s. Is training on NCRS no longer required? Our 2IC says this is the case as it was mentioned in a DIN.

p.p.p.p.p.s Whats a DIN?
DIN = Deffence instruction Notice i think polar

well thats just ******* great 2 years experiance for class 2 fooking changing goal posts again for **** sake
watto135 said:
well thats just * great 2 years experiance for class 2 fooking changing goal posts again for * sake
New workbook is with a Sgt at your location (yes I know its the 3rd one in less than one year).

I'm working on it. I suspect we can work on a strong case for the class 1 being a pre course requisite for the new REEBOK/EDWIN course (this is currently ECDL which again is crap - I hold a NVQ Level 4 in IT and I can't attend the * course)

I really sympathize with your situation but we are working with people with little understanding of comms, poor understanding of the TA and/or the most hated YofS in the TA.
dont worry

Lost interest now thinking of leaving to tell you the truth cause its fooking poo that the previous 10 years of ta carrer means nothing to the TA signals. i know as much as half the sgts for fook sake. not being big headed but i do.

it stinks sometimes and i actually wonder why i bother with it
watto135 said:
dont worry
Yet I do. Your leaving would be a major loss. Most of the problems have been solved (piss poor PSI's), together we may still get around this new 2 year thing.

I thought you were after my job? Giving you a chance to sort things out (better than me), isn't that a reason for carrying on.
it would be but really can not be arrsed with it

things are not the same & if it carrys on this way you wont have a job for me to take.
when you think about the class 1 situation its been 3 workbooks in 7 months not a year, i feel like the previous 10 years service means nothing to the TA Signals. i have not got anything out of a training weekend this year as every single weekend i am instructing.

then why the rest of the sqn get looked after for matts i am left needing CBRN even though i am an instructor. which is a qualification i have onyl used 3 times in 8 months.

its just shit at mo polar, ontop of that for 6 DAYS WORK LAST MONTH THEY PAID ME £45.06 that doesnt even cover my fuckin travel
watto135 said:
i feel like the previous 10 years service means nothing to the TA Signals.
Seeing as I have 5 class 1 quals (inc 3 sigs ones) I understand your concerns.

I've not had time to compare the new Class 2-1 workbook, it may just be cosmetic (it now looks very professional).

I think we can get around the workbook, seeing as version 1.1 was signed off by me, version 1.2 signed off by a SPSI and I'm sure 1.3 can be signed off by regt YofS/SPSI/myself, but the time barrier is out of my hands.
Yes i understand that

Just sick of being messed about its someones carear make a decision and stick to It

May be scary spice might have something to say about the reasons for this

the main point from what i can see - is
its to stop those people that join being qualified to class to quickly without having the knwledge.
i.e. Joe bloggs joins does his recruit training CMSR - then does his trade training in his first year.
he than does his class 2 work book based over a year to qualifiy for class 2 after qulification for class 2 he then does his pre class 1 work book in his next year before he can attend his class 1 so in reel terms he could have been a class 1 signaller after 3 or 4 years but now thats been pushed further back to may be 4 - 5 years.

apposed to Jim Bloggs
Joins Ta as infantry soldier- does 2 op tours has infantry attahced to R sigs Bosnia - Iraq, spends time doing both Section 2 i/c & commander roles,
also qualfies in basic signalling skills and helps to run the company signals det. also spends time doing relelvent other courses to teach matts or old itds as was.

after 10 years decides change of path required moves to signals does trade camp after 2 months of being there with a bloody glowing report, then does class 2 as well in short time, and also having class one book signed off but now has to wait a further fooking 2 years cause of the class 1 course stats you need 2 years is fooking mind boggling and not thought about there should be special dispensation. for some people providing they can provide proof of the knowledge they have to attend the course.

I have just had enough and think my quals i have will be better suited elsewere. Were my qualities will a, be used to there advantage b not took for granted, and i might actually get something out of it.

Not just bleeting as well for anyone else reading the thread will be telling this to my TC and OC at the weekend


I can understand your frustration. The career paths dictated by Crewman 2000 is causing all sorts of problems for the RA (V).

watto135 said:
Not just bleeting as well for anyone else reading the thread will be telling this to my TC and OC at the weekend
We also don't know if the time period is set in stone, you already know that people from regt HQ have got ex-inf onto courses within recommended time frames. Yes your TC/SPSI/Regt YofS know about your concerns, I've spoken to each one about it.
watto135 said:
Thanks MSR

its getting a bit beyond a joke we have had 3 changes in a fooking year
And don't even get me started on the fannying around which has / is going on with MK1 ;)

^Its a long path for justice!

Wato, I want you on that course ... I need spies (and someone who's willing to speak their mind if the course is shite and will not accept substandard courses)
Watto, most of the contents of the 2-1 workbook can be signed off by your YoS if he deems you to be qualified to carry them out without actually "seeing" you doing them. In other words, if you are an experienced dett commander and have been doing the job as dett commander or 2i/c then he can simply sign your book off for you.

Polar, the course is very well ran, some of it is pitched at not so experienced class 2 operators but the majority is aimed at the right level.

How it was explained to us (most of us being 5/6 year dett commanders/2i/c's and in some cases even more) was, yes, we are all experienced and comfortable in the role of dett commander and as it is a new course it will enevitably be slightly easy for us to take the course on-board. However, if you take a newly promoted class 2 lance jack and give him/her 2 years in role as 2i/c, he/she will the have the experience to go forward onto their class 1. I don't see watto having to now complete another 2-1 workbook AND have to wate a further 2 years to get on the course, that is just madness.
devilish said:
Polar, the course is very well ran, some of it is pitched at not so experienced class 2 operators but the majority is aimed at the right level.
Thanks for that, I've been told its mainly IS/IT, is that the case? (the old course appears to have been pushed into the workbook).
It's a bundle of everything to be honest. It is designed to creat an all round class 1 operator, someone who can slot into the position of manager on any dett, be it CNR, IS. You do not neccesarily have to be a Ptarmigan operator to manage Ptarmigan trunk node.
cheers Devilish

I Want to do it but there saying to me i am 6 weeks too short of being at the 1 year stage to do the course in sept.

Dec course can not be done as i am having a operation on my shoulder.

mar - course next can not be done by me as i give my own holidays from work up to do my courses so it means giving 4 weeks of my 22 days to qualify for bounty next year just to the ta not leaving me with any great holiday is it, thats why i feel that 10 years doing other TA stuff should really be good enough to cover frigging 6 weeks.

as Polar prob knows - My OC thinks i am good enough, My troop Commd thinks i am good enough, my Regi and TA YofS think i am good enough my current Sgt Supervisor who helped train me thinks i am possible good enough to go down and come back with top student on the old course. so dont know what more i have to do.

my view is until its sorted out i am not gonna do any comms stuff with unit.
Truth be told, the course is a doddle, the IT side might put some people off, but if you have a basic idea of how WANs ans LANs work then it will be a piece of cake.
A+P comes into it, as does PPA, and I believe the next course will contain Freq predictions, for the Ptarmigan operators out there, don't be dis-heartened, it's not anything that is not taught on the course.

They cover Det folders and fault reporting aswell, things that everyone on our course seemed to know back to front, but it may be new to some of the newer promoted dett 2i/cs.

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