2 (NC) Sig Bde FAS

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Feb 28, 2006.

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  1. Has anyone else heard that we are to be issued Black coveralls (like the police), as C95 would be too offensive to civilians when we go on (UK) ops.
  2. msr

    msr LE

    And here is your new vehicle:

  3. Thats actually not to far off.
  4. ^ I heard this a couple of weeks ago. Re-painting the vehicles as well. Black I believe.
  5. There were those blokes years back that had overalls and blue landrovers. More of the same?
  6. Yep also heard the same, its bonkers. People join to be soldiers, not be a Part Time extension of BT. I quite like the role but not this demilitarising thats going on.
  7. Excuse ignorance - whats the NC for?
  8. No Combats!!!
  9. I was told it was to do with the fact that civvies get a little worried when a big green SCP is parked outside their local nick.

    Apparently, way back in the day, our unit used to wear blue coveralls and the rebros were painted blue with "CB radio users club" stenciled on the sides!
  10. At the risk of a Wah...... National Communications

    and the CCRF will be getting disguises, so noone recognises them (glasses, big nose and moustaches)
  11. Is this a *WAH*?? National Communications maybe??

    I read an article way back before Crimbo that this was going to be the case, saw a pic.

    The article explained it was to appear menacing whilst un-offensive??? Er okay!?
  13. Thanks for the NC decipher - it was not a WAH! simply ignorance!

    Thanks again MK complete for today!
  14. Gawd knows what 101 Engr Regt do with their green fleet marked "ROYAL ENGINEERS BOMB DISPOSAL" when they do their London exercises nowadays then. Used to get a few worried looks back before the current climate.
  15. Mine was Cream and Blue, then gloss Bronze Green all over. We used to wear jeans and sweat shirts, then again the SMG's gave us away. I often said we should have been issued shotguns instead and barbour jackets we would have been mistaken for farmers and farm workers then instead of " the army lads who work the telephone mast"! Mind you we always got food from the farmers wives :wink: