2 (NC) Bde Trade Camp - Edinburgh

Anyone on the course at the end of the month? Is Polar teaching again?

On a related note, anyone know what the score with laundry is up at Redford Barracks? Are there any laundry facilities, or is it just a case of pack all the CS95 you can scrounge?
There is an old laundry room there but it have other uses :wink: if you know what I mean!!

There is no laundry in Redford Barracks, I was instucting there on the in Nov 06.

sure if you ask in guardroom they will point you in direction of nearest laundrette. In saying that though should be some somewhere on camp.
Not seen one in the Cav barracks, there is a door there with a sign on stating dohbi costs but its been there for a while. The Rifles next door may have one in the main building but not on camp. I'll investigate this w/e.
Not at the mo, trying to use work holidays for holidays this, nearly burnt out last year.

Plus I'm not sure if I'm going on annual camp in C95 or a suit and might need to teach on other trade camps.
No mate I've been to Edinburgh, no washing machines up there. You'll have to come down to the border where we have electricity! :)

The PAYD cook house is extremly poor (except for breakfast), many were skipping evening meal because of this (and going to tesco's or the Rifles cook house)
polar said:
The PAYD cook house is extremly poor (except for breakfast), many were skipping evening meal because of this (and going to tesco's or the Rifles cook house)
I'll second that, but the kiddies, ic of each weekend & the duty mong Has to eat there! It was okay until PAYD came in!
I'll be there. Have to do a BSS course this weekend, I'm pretty sure I have done this sort of thing tenfold before but, hey, I guess I need a piece of paper saying so.

Edinburgh in January - looking forwrd to the Ex, hopefully we will be digging in-would that be a knee length down from the soil or the top of the snow?
Make sure you visit the Western Bar on Lothian Street, say hi to Charlotte for me and Watto!
We found it easier to get in Bars by saying we worked for BT and were up on a course. Some of the bouncers are the worst in the UK, the one in Black Bull (Grassmarket) is either extremly stupid or racist against English - I would avoid that pub.
Most of the other bars were ok, Grassmarket is the main area but we found other bars on East Fountainbrdge/Lothian St. Try to avoid pubs on George St - they are aimed at tourists.

p.s. the first couple of days are hard, you get a lot of information thrown at up

p.p.s You can use the floodlit astroturf pitch, I think the keys were held at the guardroom (we didn't book it but I think your meant to)
Thee is a brilliant laundrette at the bottom of Murrayfield Avenue. It does service washes and ironing. It is opposite the Murrayfield Bar on that little triangle.

The Danish girl who manages it is absolutely gorgeous too!
No, def no laundry in RCB, but I do like the sound of the 'Cuddles Option'!
I'll be on it, instructing. Has everyone received the JI's?
I have been told that I will be tested to see if I am capable of being a techy instead of an operator. Anybody know what this test will involve?

Devilish-what are you instructing?

can't wait for the journey up there in a crew cab, might be there in time for endex!
Ha. You joining us at Cov, then?

We reckon about a 0200 arrival...
yeah check your pms mate, I reckon we could go straight out when we get there and rock up for breakfast!

No not really, I have to be top student or my troop Staffy is gonna disown me apparently!

Do you have the joining instructions mate? I only have admin instructions, and am not overly sure what we are meant to be taking-is the Ex a mil skills ex, or purely sig skills? - I have been umming and aring over what kit to take!
36 hour ex, round robin style,CST, CNR, AGV, REEBOK(I think), BATCO etc. No webbing required but a mil bergen is needed for your comfy kit, torch, sleeping bag, bivvie bag, cold weather kit, wet weather kit etc. You can bring along laptops, ipods or whatever but their security is your own responsibilty.

Teaching AGV, but will probably be roped into anything and everything else no doubt.

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