2 months till basic -cycling- some questions-


Ive had shin splint for the past month ( i was training on and off because of it, couldnt get used to not running...it was a big shock)

Ive now stopped running , Because i would rather be injury free and be *able* to train , rather then be fit ...but have an injury.

Ive started cycling , and i intend to do this 6 days a week for 30 mins at a heart rate of 80%+ of max heart rate (80% = Cardio)

Ive got a bit of pain/stiffness in my calf , but im sure that will go in time , i think its a straned or something ...but im doing low impact cycling so it should go.

Am i rite in thinking that if i was to go to basic training (for the rifles) and i got a time of say 12-13 mins (Prop wont ...but if worst comes to worst) would i still get to be in basic and not get kicked out, As a junnier it says under 14mins(wich i could do easy without training)....but...if worst come to worst.

Also is doing 30 mins cycling(machine at gym)at 80%+ of max heart rate (cardio) the same as running for 30mins at say 80%+ .......Will the fittnes gains....be the same ?

Im and quite annoyed because i was running 6 miles...and running lots etc

and know im not...but all i can hope for is to be injury free and as fit as i can be ....got to stop thinking about "what i could do "

Press ups - i can do 30 in a row without stopping ...just done 3 sets of them ( dont no rest time, but i done 30 , then went to get a drink done another 30 m, writting some of this and got anoter drink and done 30)

Sit ups - Easy ...50+ ( dont even do them )

Thanks in advance.


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From my experience (my shins were giving me jipp recently as well), cycling does help keep your fitness , but it isnt quite the same as running, your breathing is different , its much harder to get a stitch and it works different muscles etc. The first run you have when you get back to it after a couple of weeks will be shit.

Try no running for 2 weeks , then do one/two a week and fill the rest of your sessions with cycling (rowings my favorite). Try running on grass too , if possible. Just dont overdo it when you start back out. Also check out new, properly fitted (from a running shop) trainers , and if all else fails see a doctor!

Im sure someone more knowlegable than me will be along shortly. Good luck


I went to Lympestone for a PRC in the Stone Age.........try getting some swimming in. It helped me.

It may not sound like you're pushing out the heartbeat/stamina so much as running - but it will keep your fitness at a good level till the leg is okay.

You think its a soft option ? Come back when you can do ten consecutive lengths of your local pool without a pause....it will also stand you in good stead if they ever get around to asking you to do a Combat Swimming Test.

Another thing which sounds daft (till you try it) is either a sports physio who uses The Stick on your calf or a proper sports massage from someone who knows what they are doing.

Ask at the gym if they can recommend someone. Good luck.

Cycling fit is good, but it's very different from running fit and one doesn't neccesarily help you with the other - you need to train less, but with higher intensity: 30 minutes cycling at 80% ain't gonna do much, but tu
Build in some sprints to that and you will notice a difference (spin classes are suprisingly good, especially for perving at Lycra clad ladies arses)

You should look at the same for your running, less time/distance to allow the shin splints to recover, but build in high intensity sprints, intervals and recovery into it (eg, sprint as fast as you can between every tenth pair if lampposts, then every ninth pair, then every eighth etc, down to one and then repeat)


Better idea on cycling if it gives the empirical data is to work off power/wattage. That ensures a consistent rhythm throughout if you localise around a certain wattage, HR being a bit more variable does mean you slack off the peddles and such in an attempt to keep it at the same level.

A 30Min cycle for me would usually contain six 5Min Intervals, first 2 working upto a certain pace/wattage, middle 4 being at the same wattage, then final 2 raising it again.
The other 30Min cycle i do is six 5Min Intervals again, first 4mins of each at low resistance (recovery) and the final minute a high resistance sprint (Or aim for high power/wattage output), and repeat.
Having said that i'm training for a smallish triathlon so maybe that's just me.

Anyway back to your questions, one i can answer, 30min cycle will not be like a 30min run. I'd probably make it longer or more intense, it's also worth noting cycling fitness gains aren't directly transferrable to running. In my opinion the aerobic capacity gained cycling isn't as great as that of running either.

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