2 Month Car Rental

Any views...

I am moving to a new quarter (at new duty station), but need to continue working at old place for about 2 months. I do not want to buy a second car, I thought that renting or leasing for 2 months would be better.

Any ideas on who is best to go to (in terms of cost etc)?


I will be car sharing with 3 others
I had my car stolen last month and had to get a hire car as a runabout until I get a new car. Luckily my firm are paying for it and going to buy me a new car. I got a great deal from Alamo. You would never get a 2 month lease. The other option is to approach a local 2nd hand car dealer and work out a cash deal with him that you runabout in one his motors for 2 months then take it to to a valet.

With the credit crunch 2nd dealers are sitting with motors on their forecourts and very few buyers. He will be happy with say £120 a week as a bit of "Cash on the Hip". Make sure that your fully insured or he adds you to his own fleet policy.

Twice in my service career I did a cash deal for a wee runabout with a 2nd hand dealer as I was going on long detachments and did not want to have a car sitting gathering dust for 6 months.

Cheaper to buy second hand than rent if you are paying and not an insurance company. I rented a 'roller skate' the other week and it cost me £80 per week and i was a repeat customer on a special offer discount week!!

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