2 minute silence broken at the Cenotaph?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, Nov 12, 2007.

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  1. Was the 2 minute silence broken at the Cenotaph in Whitehall? I just watched the coverage from the morning and during the 2 minutes silence someone seems to shout something out, anyone have any idea? Hope they got filled in, disrespectful cnut, its one thing not believing in remembering the fallen because of your beliefs, but to ruin other peoples act of rememberance! :x
  2. I recorded it for my Mum (who was at church with me and my father and uncle this AM). Didn't hear owt.

    Incidentally, the silence was immaculately observed at Portsmouth v Man City.
  3. Just listened to it again with volume cranked up, it sounds like someone shouting "Judas Brown is a hypocrite and a traitor" he says something else but its fainter, hopefully where the Met are subduing him, regardless of the sentiment behind it, its totally disrespectful and the sort of behavior you would expect from chav scum.
  4. Only the timing was innapropriate though
  5. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    I listened to it on radio 2 and someone was shouting
    Very disrepectful

    Although cunt of the day goes to as nominated by a mate who was there :

    Family in Tesco York who took advantage of the two minute silence to do a supermarket sweep style shop and pitch up stating we want served now to the till operator
    Till operator ignored them
    Family asked again
    After two minute silence immpecably observed through out store by other customers and staff
    Father asks
    So which Cunt has died then?
    Once he had been put right by other customers and others he looked at his mobile phone and went oh yeah didn't realise

    Unfeckinbeleivable :x
  6. We had an unfortunate incident in our village. Thick git of furniture shop owner opposite our war memorial decided to try to open his very squeaky shutters duruing the silence. He was gently put right by one of the elders!
  7. Our archery club broke off their field shoot at 11am to hold 2 minutes silence and one of the members played the last post on his bugle. I have just been updating the club website and had the report in from one of the members as I was elsewhere.
  8. There was definitely some noise although nothing reported in the papers or about the Met mashing anyone afterwards....do they get nothing right ? Should have been beaten whatever he was saying....
  9. I couldn't make out what was said, but considered it was someone using his freedom of speach, hard won, by the people, who everyone else were commemorating.

    Thankfully, when I watched the same sequence on the evening news, the sound had been filtered out, denying this twat the oxygen of publicity.
  10. While one has to admire the sentiments, it was unforgivable to take advantage of the two minute silence to make a valid point.

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  11. There was a shout out about 30 seconds in or so. I was right at the cenotaph and it was very faint even there so I suspect he was somewhere near weastminster tube station. Couldn't hear what he said though
  12. I didn't hear it as I was by the Old War Office but two people behind me whispered just after the first cannon fired. Bloke stood next to me (about 6'4") turned round and gave them a look that said "If I hear one more word out of you in the next two minutes I'll rip you apart!". Priceless.
  13. we had the 2 min silance at work, all staff at tills lights off till bell ring to start the silence and one till ring to end it and our customers where very respectful, even the irish and yank customer :D it was only broke by a young girl too young to understand saying 'daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy' very nice.
  14. Yes mate someone did shout a comment at Broon about 30 seconds or so into the 2 minutes. The shiver running down my spine as the first cannon fired was instantly replaced by a feeling of white hot rage when I heard this cnut.

    I dont give a fck what his or anyone elses opinion of the PM, Labour, Bliar etc is. Theres a fcking time and a place and that was neither. I hope the bastard dies a painful death.
  15. I was at Westminster station end, I didn't hear anything :?