2 mins silence..........THEY HAD A MEETING!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by AmberSpyglass, Nov 11, 2004.

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  1. I'm absolutely disgusted that at 11am today there was a meeting at my place of work, everyone carried on talking, phones were ringing and answered. Where is the respect??? :( 8O :evil:
  2. What did you do about it, mate?

    Not that you should have screamed and banged the table or anything, but Ive been in a similar circumstance and found that a quick reminder to the people who hadn't realised was all that was needed.

    A couple of years ago I hadn't realised myself, being busy, and someone gently nudged me.
  3. I was at an official service and was told about it by the civvi clerk when I got back..........the members of the meeting outranked me - by quite a bit!
  4. Are you in a civvie organisation or Military? This will decide how I answer
  5. They forgot 8O 8O 8O 8O ?????? To do it at my place last year and there was an uproar which resulted in the Station commander making a very public apology
  6. Next year, just go off and spend those two minutes away from your ignorant work colleagues. I would suggest somewhere like the small room where the main electrical supply enters the building...
  7. Likewise disappointed to hear of such "forgetfulness". However, there is no staturory requirement to observe 2 minutes silence - it is entirely at the discretion of local commanders. I was frustrated by the fact that we are not allowed to order personnel to attend the Sunday Service, but thankfully it has turned out to be unnecessary anyway: the service is massively over-subscribed!

  8. The local councils should blast the air raid sirens (still around for civil defence I think), the radios should make an announcement, etc just prior to the minute and the whole country should stop what it is doing, no ifs and no buts.
    The office can wait, the shops can stop serving, etc.
    It is outrageously direspectful that those who have benefitted the most from the sacrifices of the fallen do zero to honour their memory.
  9. Round my way the council are pretty much on side and they set off a maroon at 11 am
  10. Dui-Lai - Sadly I am in a Military Unit! :roll:
  11. Dui-Lai - Sadly I am in a Military Unit! :roll:
  12. I just gently cut the phone off when it rang where I was! There is absolutely no excuse.........

  13. We have a chime sound in the offices to mark the start and finish, and all calls are diverted to a switchboard message informing them that during the two minute silence, calls will not be routed.

    We also observe it in all of our restaurants, and every effort is made to get our customers to respect it. (ie. they will not be served)

    I'm astounded that a Mil office forgot it though!!

    Poppy....we should all wear you with pride! :lol:
  14. at early doors last night in the boozer not one poppy worn even though there was a box full displayed! Gave them all a b*llocking, on that day of all days, and must have collected £5 or 6!
  15. Picture the scene: a shopping centre in Milton Keynes full of people on Rememberance Sunday in 1994.

    I was having a little shop when, over the tannoy "would customers and staff kindly show their respect with two minutes silence from now" Every one stopped no one moved, and as I looked around I saw the old and bold straighten and stand six feet tall, Silence.

    Then Clip, Clop, Clip, Clop, Clip some ignorant middle aged hag came sauntering across the centre floor.

    Tannoy announcement "thankyou" just as this hag passed me, boom :!: , both barrels she looked shocked that I, a 19 year old had the audacity to ball her out, and comment on her disrespectfulness. I told her to look around to which she was met with the Icy stares of everyone still stood there. She hung her head in shame and quickly moved on.

    About half an hour later I felt a tug on my coat sleeve I looked around and down to see a little old man he said "Thank you"