2 mins of pressups...in one set?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Arana, Aug 31, 2008.

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  1. hi all, i'm off to my local Sigs Tuesday for a look around, I am 42 and i can easily bang out 2 sets of 25 in 2 mins with a 15 sec break but does the fitness test have to be done in 1 set? in which case i can only manage about 35 at the moment.
  2. Its perfectly acceptable to do how ever many reps you want within two minutes.

    Now you can even get up and do the hokey cokey between press ups if you feel inclined to do so.
  3. Thanks Frenchie, not sure about the hokey cokey tho' maybe a moonwalk :D
  4. Providing the hokey cokey doesn't mean lifting your palms and knees from the mat then you'll be OK. :wink: 2 x 25 is a good score for 42. Maybe try 15, rest, 15 rest and so on, you'll probably attain 60 press ups.
  5. You are now allowed to get up, shake your arms off, legs, whatever you want. There is no rest position anymore.
  6. Thank you both, i might try the 15 then 15 thing later once this roast dinner has gone down a bit :)
  7. I'm out now and didn't know that. It does make sense however. I'm off to try best effort in 2 mins now.
  8. Did 61 in 2 minutes on Friday night, a personal best :D

    I'm 56 :D :D :D
  9. What I would suggest is doing them under pressured circumstances - ie after a best effort 1.5 mile run and the sit-ups.
  10. Hi Mate

    The press ups are your best effort in 2 minutes...

    I think you have to do at least 60 in that time... do 30, rest and then do another 30 you should have more than enough time. You will also have to do approx 60 sit ups in the same amount of time. Practice makes perfect.

    Good luck...
  11. I do 20, 15, 10, 5 (= 50) and then keep doing 5's untill the time is up this makes the target more achievable as you go along giving you less of a target on each set.
  12. Age 40-44

    Press-ups = M 35 F 15

    Sit-Ups = M/F 37

    Bleep Test = M 8.10 F 6.9

    Run = M 12 mins W don't know
  13. Hmmm, my mate weighs about 14 stone and does 97 press ups :?
  14. 'bout six foot
  15. So you're a cheating twat then?