2 mile run times

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by REMEbrat, Feb 8, 2010.

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  1. I know a good time to run 1.5 miles is sub 10 minutes but what sort of time are people on here running 2 miles in?
  2. I'm sure you can divide the 1.5 time by a third, apply it to said time and allow for a bit of give and take 8O
  3. I understand that but it would be nice to have some real times to work with.
  4. 2 miles for a lot of people is basically a "Cooper Test", which is a 12 minute run. Try that and there are websites which will tell you about your physiology. If you run the same route you know the spot you reached in twelve minutes last time.
  5. Real times are pretty much that which I said. The exact correlation between a single person's times/distance depends on actual fitness through proper training, but just at half a mile extra distance it's rather negligable unless the runner acts like a cock for one reason or another.
  6. Faster then the last time you ran it.
  7. Im simples... i don't get it, why would you want to know this 2 mile run time?

    Is the extra 1/2 a mile such a big achievement? Will I wakeup in the morning to another shitty day and a new post what’s my 2 1/2 mile run time. Please don't do it, it will be like groundhog day and forrest gump combined and I will have to wait for you to die, it would be unbearable.

    Ask something intelligent like a 6m or a 10m runtime? Therefore if you are complete shite at least you will have something to aim for and if you are the dogs danglers you will be sorted.

    Have a nice day.

  8. Excellent answer.
  9. I wuv you :D
  10. Not for me it's not! I'm a geriatic old fart and do it in around 15-16 minutes at present.

    To the OP,
    If you do a quick Google search for Army PFT, you'll find the US Army fitness tests and their scoring charts. Since their PFT run is a 2 miler you can use it to see how you're doing. 100 points is the maximum, and what you should aim for (for a 17-21 year old male this is about 12 minutes).
  11. Not to be a bastard, but the septic's standards are bloody amusing to say the least. As long as you can dribble onto the contract, you're in.
  12. Yes, I believe that you can get away with quite low fitness levels in some units of the US Army (though by no means all), mind you, you can say the same for most of the World's armies.

    P.S. 680 posts in less than three weeks? Have you been chained to your computer since you joined the forum?
  13. Beauty of mobiles and laptops - whenever and wherever you're bored, you can always have a bitch :p Ability to bang out 10 a time in a few mins it racks up, average of 30 a day out of 24 hours isn't farkin hard, that and I'm a gobby bastard.
  14. It's not his fault, theres alot of bone questions floating about. Anyone good at knitting?
  15. Knitting.

    What a poof.

    Crocheting is where it's at.