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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by THE_EDITOR, Oct 16, 2006.

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  1. Now that the debate has shown that the Corps is heavily linked to collection as an integral part of the INT CYCLE then the discussion must move on to who can deliver this capability.

    LAND may agree to move 14 (MI?) Regt, the Wkpr Regt and DHU (with CDIs agreement) to a new 2 MI Bde (ISTAR) focused on Army collection coordination for units that provide support for more than just Target Acquisition. This could allow a better focus across the command. It could accept the integration of new future capabilities.......

    Discuss :) :lol:

  2. Ask yourself this, has 1 MI Bde worked? I think that needs to be discussed first before anyone starts looking at creating a second!!!!
  3. I think we should fill the gaps at Sect level before even considering any larger than a Coy!
  4. OK

    1 MI Bde has provided an increased coordination of the delivery of MI Capability to LAND. They have suffered from undermanning, enormous change and operational pressures and one key individual who was trying to do the calm duck impression of paddeling like fook whist remainong calm on the surface. It was the calm on the surface bit that didnt work, but he has long since gone.

    On the whole it works, has got better and is getting better still.

    THATS £5 please COS
  5. Before we create another 1* HQ, just one question.

    WTF are all the staff going to come from?

  6. don't worry, i'm sure there are plenty of underemployed, overpaid officers out there just dying to fill a senior staff job.

    i mean, have you seen how much time some of them spend on arrse...? :D:D:D
  7. It's great to hear that all the comms, vehicles, cameras and laptops have all turned up now and that the correct maint and training processes are in place.

    With 2 X MI Bdes it will be interesting to hear how the Mi Div HQ is going to be configured?

    No shortage of officers though......... snip from officers board

    With 2 x Bde HQs and a Div HQ we can be sure of attracting far more high quality transferee officer's. With no chance of a Gunner or a Scally being appointed to any of the key posts :wink:
  8. We've gone from creating another MI Bde, to a Div HQ...what's next? There are loads of Officers in the Corps to fill such posts (remind me again, how many have just NTT?). And lets not start that transferee debate again! it gets very messy.
  9. All the officers for 1 MI Bde came from LAND

    Th Tps have found more and the Directorate more. - Those for 2 MI Bde could have liabilities that come from the disbandment of 1 UK RECCE Bde - so the posts exist. THe MI Div - not quite yet - next year maybe - I can only do things one step at a time. :)

    Oh and the vehicles are here, the LAPTOPS work and the inspection reports are all Green !!
  10. What are you trying to say? I joined in Oct 04 and have just over 1000 posts; you on the other hand.... :D
  11. The posts may (?) exist, but they are not INT CORPS LSNs. So you would disband an all arms Recce Bde to create an...err..all arms MI Bde. Unless all those posts released from the Recce Bde suddenly decided to transfer to the Corps of course. Let's get FAS out of the way first...please.

  12. Cutting..very cutting 8O
  13. Good edit. :D
  14. For my money, we should walk before we run. We are so undermanned it is ajoke. Now there is talk of greating another MI Bde. We are setting ourselves up to be a laughing stock. An Int Corps Bde formation staffed by...non-Int Corps, with the man power of a Pl.

    Is it just me? Wouldn't anybody else like to see their "Gapped Posts" filled before we try and make ourselves look bigger?
  15. there's an easy solution to alleviating our manpower problem.

    pull out of Iraq, that should free up some people :)

    i think most would be gobsmacked if i even made it to warrant officer :)

    Sir, Sir, the orifices are ganging up on me again!