2 MI Bn Ex Green Warrior - How was it for you?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by g2_loony_bin, May 22, 2006.

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  1. I really enjoyed it, being an infantry man at heart

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  2. It was good, I like to touch upon infantry skills but give me the office anyday

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  3. It was average, I need to be in a stable environment and not be moved every night

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  4. It was bad, I can't stand being dirty, wet and cold. And Norfolk is sh1t

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  5. It was gayer than a bag of big gay things in gay land, good piss up though...

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  1. I was fabulous and it was a bloody good laugh!

    Anyone else?
  2. it was alright, the public order stuff was fun, and the stands were really good, and pertinent.

    I can't believe I'm not slating the ex.

    ..radio check over..
  3. Stands were very good, thought the OPFOR running them were awesome.

    Good learning exercise, pity it was held in Norfolk - that place is a sheeeet hole.
  4. Was it a field security ex, or were we pretending to be infantry? can't quite decide.

    2k tab, no helmets, haribo and coffee at the end? Hmmm, hardcore.

    I agree that the stands were very good though.
  5. I think that there should have been an emphasis more so on one element i.e fd sy or Green skills. I don't know any situation really where you would have to basha up, then patrol, then stag on and then do a full day of serials. Also quite unrealistic in the fact that the DS didn't give a hoot about the whole stand-to concept before 1st and last light and other harbour drills (light discipline anyone?)

    I quite agree with everyone else in the fact that the stands were very well organised and believe that everyone participating would have got something out of it, so a massive pat on the back for DS and OPFOR involved.

    Jolly good slash-up at the end, with a healthy portion of chest-poking going on I believe!
  6. Mmmm. it's almost as if it were an exercise :)
  7. ..with nothing to eat but cornflakes...:)
  8. Some people seemed to be having a really 'smashing' time...Ooops, sorry CO was that your Range Rover?

    More spuds anyone?
  9. Did anyone get thrown out of the bar on the last night?

    I'm really looking forward to Green Griffin Cheese now! (or whatever it's called!)
  10. Sometimes these type of things can be really good, sometimes (most of the time really) they can be really bone. Thank god I'm not in 1 MI Bde, not least because you don't have to wear the gay Bde flash!!!!
  11. It's not a gay flash, merely a little camp... It's allowed nowadays anyway... :hump:

    (I was never confused)
  12. yes, but how much do you think you would get on ebay for a "Genuine Military Intelligence Brigade Flash" (as used by the SAS, RAC and AA)? :lol:

    could be a new sport - who can get the highest bid for the most outrageous description of "The Flash".

    but that would involve selling military issue kit, and therefore i cannot condone it.