2 MI Bn Corps Day Celebration - Sports

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by g2_loony_bin, Jun 11, 2009.

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  1. For the second year running the Bn will be utilising the same location, which for the purposes of volleyball and 5-a-side seems a waste of a good facility.

    Just wondering out of the 2 MI peeps on here what they'd think to a rugby sevens tournament between companies?
  2. how many companies can rustle up 7 people who aren't deployed? ;)
  3. Companies? I have seen RAF Flights with more personnel on their books than 2 MI Bn.

    Didn't it start out as 9 Security Company in Int + Sy Gp UK ? The whole thing has always looked like a job creation scheme for Int Corps Officers to me.
  4. True about 9 Coy. Titles were changed to Battalions to justify Lt Cols posts, and so on.....

    Nobody is going to bite on this one Ad Astra.
  5. adastra, perhaps you would like to pop across and contribute to this thread about your light blue brethren? http://www.arrse.co.uk/Forums/viewtopic/t=125404.html

    basically, it's asking if the RAF have actually shot anyone down (apart from their own side in that training accident in 1983 or so) since 1945...

    perhaps with your extensive RAF knowledge, you might be able to fight a valiant rearguard crab action.

    p.s. they're also getting slated for the bombing raid on Stanley lol
  6. I have to follow MV's excellent example here.

    The BDA on Stanley runway was not one of JARIC's finest moments.

    I shall not venture to enquire about the Intelligence Corps ratio of kills vs
    the number of engagements with car footwells and portakabin walls.

    Before Mrs Raven reminds us of the abysmal RAF track record, nor will I mention the RAF vs Army ratio for pistols dropped in Bars or supermarket rest rooms. We concede to the Army again. :cry:
  7. having seen the attitude of many in light blue towards weapons (including on a most delightful Pre-Deployment Training at Waddington)... i can only postulate that the reason they don't have more NDs is that their weapons are seldom out of the armoury. they seem to regard firing weapons as something a bit dirty, the kind of thing that only lowly soldiers might do. they're more concerned about having to clean the ghastly thing afterwards, than with getting some rounds down the range. with the exception of the rockapes, RAF personnel appear to be universally confused by small arms.

    the attitude is almost one of "i didn't know i had to use a rifle if i joined the RAF." it's right up there with "but i have a house in the area, why do i have to be posted? i've only been in this job seven years." one RAF JNCO bragged to me that the rock flight just signed off her APWT, and she had not actually fired a weapon since basic training...

    and the only person i have ever seen turn up on the range with a rollmat was RAF. yep - for when they had to fire from the prone position, so their combats didn't get dirty :D

    in my personal experience, the only thing that confuses a crab more than a weapon is... NBC kit. ;)
  8. Dear CR, I'm not quite sure I understand where you are going with this?

    Why indeed would you want to get your uniform dirty or fire a weapon when there are sufficient members of the RAF Regt and TPW rushing round trying to be Army clones? The RAF is NOT the Army and the Army is NOT the RAF. Please stop trying to confuse the two, and get out of our hotels!.

    Back on topic, please let Bin Looney know if you are interested in the rugby 5's tournament.
  9. I'm so very glad to see that everyone managed to stay on topic...

    Each Coy would actually need to pu forward a minimum of 12 players, all male, previous experience not required.

    Glad to see rugby knowledge is up there with pointless banter.
  10. Staying on topic. Why all male? I've seen a few women in the Corps who could put most blokes on their arses!!

    Going off topic for a second - Adastra.....Current Ops, I know the majority of what you say is tongue in cheek, or a direct wind up, but I think you have missed an opportunity here to promote the guys and gals in the RAF who are (and are required to) fulfill more robust posts in theatre (such as the IRT's), and are therefore more qualified and trained than what you put forward.

  11. All male because the insurance would not cover it otherwise. It's pretty silly to suggest that females would be able to enter as well. The only reason there is not a separate female competition is because there is not enough in the coy!

    But I tell you what, let's just remain off topic.
  12. don't throw your toys out the pram; we all know you're the paragon of virtue when it comes to keeping arrse posts reasonable and relevant. we mortals can only aspire to your level of sensibleness ;)

    p.s. you've been back for a couple of days and still haven't called anyone a cunt. so go on - get it out your system, i'll be your figure 11. :D
  13. You're much larger than an 11!!!!!!
  14. Figure 72?

    And CR, don't make me dig out the pictures of you naked and painted up like Spider-man!!!
  15. i was young, i needed the money ;)