2 MI Bn Concentration Camp

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by DI_Jack_Roach, Aug 28, 2005.

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  1. I know that that has been mentioned on a previous 'lets have rant' post but thought that actually giving it its own title may provoke more response. i for one do believe that this sort of thing only ever saps morale. some may disagree but i think that the majority may well be with me. as if we dont have enough balls to be looking forward to....this just seems like something that some officer somewhere may take some credit for whilst the rest of the poor bn suffers........btw, i am not 2 MI but have the miserable 'pleasure' of having to suffer one of these in the past - i was glad to get to bosnia and get away from the cra_p that was the alternative

    lets start a revolution.................

    a small one at least
  2. Having managaed to avoid the pleasure that this thing sounds, I am left unawarez. What's it all about? A weeks beasting for nothing?
  3. You'd think they'd take this ideal opportunity to get the ITDs out of the way. But no, things like FIBUA and assault courses, night navigation exercises. Basically you'll do stuff you never actually need to do in the real world. Still, it'll give some officer a reasonable OJAR! I'm all for a bit of orienteering, but night time on these sort of things is time best spent on the lash surely?
  4. If you think it was bad you should have been with 7 Coy, when it went through SAS selection, earlier this year in 1 MI Bn Concentration. Some people just have no idea what it is all about.
  5. Ahh yes, Ex Thin Green Line when I did it last year. It was supposed to be trade related with things like debriefing and vehicle drills. Things you actually will need to know and be able to do. That was fine and those things were done. Along with a Platoon Assault (the very first thing we did) and fighting patrols. I'm not decrying the Mil Skills of my beloved Corps, however, if the army ever gets in a position where a Pl of INT CORPS personnel has to take a hill then the war has gone particularly badly..............
  6. TGL04 was balls. Luckily I was on MM1 for TGL05. I remember a quote from the CO along the lines of, "Controrary to what Lt X has planned, this in fact will not be SAS selection." It was after that did we do the '2hr' night nav that lasted closer to 6 and finished just in time to allow abou 8 minutes sleep!? Get in!

    But from what I heard, 05 was like a posting to Florida compared to 04 being more like a posting to, I dunno, somewhere bad.. :D :roll:
  7. Lt X, now Capt X and signed off. I can't believe that he was ever a Pte soldier..........
  8. If your talking about who I THINK your talking about why am I not surprised he's been involved in coming up with something really stupid.
  9. Stop f***ing whingeing you lot...try dealing with 14 Sigs battle camp and exercise cake and arrse parties and then you will know misery and futility....makes me want to cry
  10. I don't know - I spent most of my time doing one with 15 Sigs laughing at them pretending to be soldiers...

  11. Yeah.. has he actually left yet, or still down there?
  12. Having conducted the Recce for TGL04 with the aforementioned Lt X, I can only sympathise. However I did manage to dissuade him from asking for Close Air Support and Danger Close artillery missions. I shall beast myself over the virtual assault course this afternoon to show solidarity.

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  13. Basically you'll do stuff you never actually need to do in the real world. Still, it'll give some officer a reasonable OJAR! I'm all for a bit of orienteering, but night time on these sort of things is time best spent on the lash surely?[/quote]

    Int + Sy Gp (UK) concentration was arranged to provide something for everyone

    This was always seen as a perfectly sound justifcation in the past. Also allows some of those young thrusters with knives in their teeth, an opoortunity to pass on some of their skills as safety supervisors / coaches.

    ( instead of sitting at the back sniping)

    There are still a number amongst us who lack practice in most basic navigation. Better to find out on Dartmoor on a balmy summer night, than at 120kph in the outside lane, at 10 pm, in driving mid-winter sleet, somewhere East of hannover

    ...and as already been alluded to, how many of those young officers continue to serve and are still with us now, and how many bailed out shortly after. Concentrations like this are the perfect opportunty for the CO to put some of his junior officers under the microscope. If you sit quitely at the back and take notes, you may be surprised to find this usually works!!

    Is it time for the wheel to turn so soon? Nights on Navex used to be balanced out with nights ashore in Weymouth, and perhaps an opportunity to introduce the JNCOs to the likes of a formal dinner night, in slightly less formal surroundings??

    With small MI Units typically spread over a whole country, events like this used to be a chance to catch up with your mates and the latest goss, as opposed to something to whinge about??
  14. Is that anything like the 7 Sigs ones back in the 80's? ...... :lol: funny as ferk, spent time rolling on floor laughing. Talk about the clueless leading the clueless
  15. Unlike every other support arms unit in the Army?