2 mercians or the rifles

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by gjwill, Jan 10, 2008.

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  1. Hi im new to this site and im thinking of joining 2 mercians or the rifles and just wanted which ones better really
  2. Unless your local reg is the Rifles your not getting in, well according to my recruiter, too many people apply for them. Only diffrence i can think of is the 1st battalion which you cant join straight for basic.
  3. Neither they both sound shite
  4. Lovely glad you had your input now kindly bore off.

    Asking which Regiment is better is an impossible task really as individuals from either unit will argue for theirs while other peoples perceptions may be based on a single incident. Your best bet is going for your local unit as hopefully there will be people form your local area there and should make bonding easier. That said 5 battalions, the Army commandos as well as being both swift and bold. I'd go for the Rifles.
  5. I beg to differ, I start the CIC at Catterick 24th Febuary 2008, The Rifles are not my local regiment, The Staffords are, however I'm going to the Rifles, and I've requested 1st Battalion, which you can join straight out of the CIC.

    edit: dire spelling on my behalf.
  6. Nice smith, how did you get your recruiter to let you ? Im seriously considering going to lincoln about 30 miles away to see what they say since my recruiter is not letting me join any other infantry reg apart from his/local or the paras, everytime i mention the rifles he gets pissed off :S
  7. I'm not sure, he asked me what Infantry Regiment I wanted to go to and I said Rifles, and he said "ah you posh git why not go Staffords?", me: "because I have friends in the RIFLES and there is a wider choice for career prospects Sgt" :D
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  8. Haha, I didnt say the friends bit because he would have asked, he only "let" me put paras as i have two friends in training there now, he was feeding me the "you can jump out of planes in the anglians" line and you can do the AAC course in the anglians etc. bet they get a lil reward for recruiting to their reg?
  9. hey mate, I'm going to phase two with the Rifles on 13th great people great opportunities lots of choice, 1 st Battalion army commandos with light role , Mech and Armoured there as well to much to choose from.

    As i was told at Basic

    " Once a Rifleman, Always a Rifleman "

    Swift and Bold
  10. Tit.
  11. If this is the quality of your posts after twelve I can't waitto see more pearls of wisdom from you.

    On the question of Mercians or Rifles, the Rifles do have this wonderful name but major Sharpe left them years ago and they are not at all like Sarpes Mob. The Mercians , like any other line infantry regiment are good ,as an ex North Staffs I would say the best but then I would wouldn't I. There's a lot to be said for joining your local regiment and at the end of the day that's what most of the Rifkles are , someone's local regiment.
  12. I've served with both 2 Merican and 5 Rifles. 2 Mercian are a good unit, but I love the laid back way the rifles go about their business. When you consider that the rifles will allow you to switch between roles with a minimum of fuss, there's really no competition as to which one I'd join. But it's your call!

    As for recruiting staff, tell them what you're doing and don't take no for an answer.
  13. My family Regiment was the South Staffs. Five died in WW1 and one in WW2 wearing that cap badge.

    I'm a Rifleman.
  14. Just the trifling matter of the All Arms Commando Course to pass first. :wink:
  15. I thought 1Rifles didn't require you to pass the AACC yet? I guess they're still working out what exactly they're going to do in 3 Cdo Brigade as I understand it.