2 medals for afghan, can i wear both???

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by woody565, Aug 6, 2008.

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  1. hello lads

    I completed a tour of afghan in 2006 at camp ISAF in Kabul, i got issued these two medals


    can i wear both medals?


  2. are you still serving? if you are only entitled to wear the OSM. obviously if you are no longer serving you can wear them both together.
  3. cheers mate. im still serving for the next 9 months so i can only wear the OSM
  4. Yes, you can wear both medals. Remember the "priority of hanging"
    Your OSM 2000 is a british campaign medal and should be hung first. The International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) Medal is a NATO medal.
    Coming from Brussels, it is regarded as a foreign medal and (same as UN medals) takes second place. NATO, UN, and are the only foriegn medals authorised for UK forces to date, without special permision.
    Well done, mate !

    (refreshing to see someone wearing the medals they were issued with, for a change !)

    MedalWalt Finder General
  5. You can't wear both - only the OSM.
  6. You can wear both only if they were issued for different operations in the same theatre. If it was just for Herrick then only the OSM can be worn while still serving. At the end of the war in Bosnia troops were awarded two medals that can be worn as the UN medal was for Op Grapple and the NATO medal was for Op Resolute.
  7. I would have thought the answer would be obvious to all, considering
    one medal is for Active Service and the other one is a Peace medal. (ISAF is a NATO force, and has a peace-enforcement mandate under Chapter VII of the UN Charter and is not classed as active service.
  8. I would have thought it more obvious to use the search function and read through the rest of the threads on this site.

    And then realise you can't wear the ISAF Medal.