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Discussion in 'RLC' started by gtispanners, Mar 14, 2006.

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  1. What's the unit like Accom etc
    Any up and coming tours

    All replys welcomed
  2. If you get the Z type accn, yer sorted. Unit due back from TELIC in May, so you're alright for a while yet. Not as good as 1 Log Sp Regt, but I'm bias :)
  3. 2 have big probs with discipline back in PRB as they av left all the dross behind instead of taking them on tour where they can be watched 24/7. The new accom was nice!!! been trashed a bit now.
  4. sadly JBB, you're wrong. Since one regt is away and the other is preparing to go away, disc problems have dropped hugely. this merely reflects the view that there are just too many people in PRB and its creaking at the seams.

    the infrastructure can't cope, the recreation and leisure facilities are amongst the poorest i've ever seen. its little suprise that the number 1 activity is binge drinking and scrapping.

    that said, the chain of comd do little to help. all to often in the evenings and weekends, there are too many people milling about... Tp SSgts/Comds & Sqn staff should be laying on extra mural activities/activites for the tps to get them out of that sh!thole.

    I can't think of any other camp in the British Army that has got 1 Bde Hq & Sig Sqn, 4 Regts and various other lodger units all crammed into one camp behind the wire. Its no wonder there's problems there!
  5. Woah GB! Whilst I agree that there should be stacks of AT, Tp days out and imaginitive and worthwhile exercise, I hope you are not suggesting that Tp Comds and Tp SSgts should be babysitting unimaginative Toms at the weekend!

    Now I’ve heard this rhetoric before and it is usually the cry of OCs and COs who, having conducted a Blair style walkabout on a weekend, attempt to demonstrate that they are “with it” by demanding that overstretched hierarchy organize events for braindead Soldiers; usually with the caveat of being gratis and not involving booze. Now the first time I heard this I agreed completely and thought it was my duty as a TC to improve the lot of my soldiers until a wizened SNCO appeared in the doorway of my office, shaking his head, proclaimed it all bollocks and proceeded to regale me with tales of Bunde based madness and eight blokes in a Fiesta (with no MOT and dodgy breaks) going to Amsterdam for morality free weekends. After two events being being wholly undersubscribed I came to the conclusion that it is a generational thing, not having been in long enough to make a first hand judgement I used conversations to come to the conclusion that on the whole, Ptes these days, have very little sense of adventure.

    Yes it could be argued that these Soldiers need their horizons broadened but in a day and age when its difficult to find volunteers amongst Pte Soldier ranks for “2 weeks sand surfing on Mars with all intergalactic travel paid for” because they have to fork out £2.50 for an ancillary expense and can’t be arrsed to claim back 80% using SLC, my patience wanes abit. I mean where does it end? Does the Tp Comd have to be Des, does the Tp SSgt’s wife have to accommodate the lads who haven’t pulled at 0300 hrs on a Saturday?

    In addition I think 50% of the shock of finding the guys festering in the block at the weekend for these field Officers comes from the realization that its 1400hrs on Sunday and based on the Soldiers attire and the empty vodka bottle by the bed its clear; they haven’t been to church!

    Like I said: “with it."

    (Standing by for Hellfyer’s inevitable comments)
  6. Ford. I'm going to have to disagree.

    I'm in total agreement on principle and it is the responsibility of Comds to improve the lot of the humble tommy.

    Now if this means babysitting them or inspiring braindead-mongs to get their fat useless arrses out of the block at a w/e then so be it.

    We're paid not to be braindead and to inspire these people, by whatever means.

    And whilst you'll always have the thrusting young NCO who's always up for extra mural activities and w/es away, they'll be 5 behind him who simply can't be bothered. My experience was the only limit to pastural care was your own imagination and lack of willing of the middle management not wanting to give up their spare time for the lads.

    As you know, i believe in the "you can opt out of this" mindset, as opposed to "volunteering" or "opting" in for activities.
    Not always popular, but it gets people out and about. Eg the last overseas AT I led, was compulsory for all Ptes, those not wanting to go had an interview with me via the SSM. A great success for about £50ea.
  7. As a young Lcpl at 64 sqn I was tasked many times to organize trips away on the weekend to (Get the troops involved with more than just drinking as the SSM PUT IT) It was always a total flop as you cant force people onto a coach or make them pay if they dont want too,If they dont want to get out of the camp its not up too Tp Comd to force the issue.
  8. Yes you can (except the paying bit) and i did. A weekend of stagging-on was always a less preferable alternative to (eg) a battlefield tour of Berlin.

    Tp Comds are exactly the people who should be forcing the issue - except it shouldn't have to be forced - genuinely attractive activities sell themselves and require no forcing.

    when i was running BAMA w/e actvities in Catterick in the late 90s i was having to turn people away as we had too many volunteers - this was about 2 months after several SNCOs had lambasted the idea saying nobody would be interested - which i later learnt was Sgt's Mess speak for "i'm not interested if it means coming in on a saturday"
  9. Hiede park Hollywood Safari park Transport laid on just entrance fee to pay
    or how about weekend in Amsterdam again transport free and cheap hotels and Monday off to travel back these are all things we organised and had very few people turn up, I feel threatening people with a weekends guard duty or go on a battlefield tour is total out of order
  10. And you know privates today will do the weekend duty you threaten him with just to show he wont be bullied into doing anything he doesnt want (because that shows us)
  11. Nothing i guess
  12. These are called discussion boards, discussions have a tendency of evolving.

    Getting money out of Pte Soldiers is like trying to have a frank conversation about money at the Jowell household. If you wish to do anything that costs money you need to start taking £5 a month off soldiers (who seem to equate such an amount directly with 20 L&B) for upwards of six months! Now lest we forget that the soldiers we are talking about “saving” are those that choose to stay in through lack of vision / a failure to budget their money. To orchestrate an event such as this with Tpt, admin etc can be quite time consuming pretty much to the point where a decent weekend trip could be as time consuming as organising a week’s AT or a proper battlefield tour which would benefit all.

    It wasn’t that long ago when the sorts of things people bandy around as weekend activities were done on work time and if they are so important (and they are) this should continue to be the case. I believe the root cause of this apathy is generational and I would question how you would actually change attitudes, are these Soldiers happy to fester at the weekends? Do they want to spend their weekends with their TCs?

    Furthermore the people who get spammed to organise these events whether they be Officers, Snrs or Cpls have very few free weekends these days due to exercises, tours and work commitments; are they not entitled to free time as well, spare a thought for those in relationships?
  13. Its not the organizing I mind its the people who dont turn up. they are the same people who you hear moaning in the bar that the Army never takes then anywhere
    how about skiing three weeks Ruhpolding and surrounding area 200 euros??
    We say yes!! younger guys cant afford it but can afford to go to the BOP friday and saturday and frequent other places ohh yess
    the new generation are content to sit in there rooms and fester
    But if they dont go then more room for us old and bold to get away from home for fun and drinking woohoo
  14. whats going on?.........singlies festering in the block.
    have they never been introduced to a pigs bar? get your shorts and flip flops on drink your yellow handbag and get out of the block