2 Jags at it again!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Acid_Tin, Apr 14, 2005.

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  1. This pic is not related to this particular story, but it covers the same sort of event:


    It's irrelevant whether you agree with the protestors or not - he's a vile thick monstrosity who shouldn't be an MP - or perhaps in spite of that! :D

    Click here for full story from The Daily Mail Online
  2. Big fat chippy tosser. Can't see him lasting much longer in the shadow cabinet, even if Labour do win.
  3. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    I agree but the silly girl should think through the results of her actions. Democracy is one thing, harassment and violence is something else, and funny as chucking eggs at the Hull Pie Muncher is it represents an attack on the democratic process by attempting to stop legitimate campaigning by an act of violence.
  4. Throwing eggs is not good,you need to throw something heavier and harder,like a brick(if grenades are not available)
  5. I know, I know; but I do have a soft spot for the antics of the Toad Waiter compared to the rest of the grey shiny suited pollys.
  6. As Fatty Soames drawls every time the ex-waiter gets up in the Commons: "Mine's a G&T, Guillermo". Prezza hates that apparently.
    Agree about the student, if you're going to do it at least throw rotten eggs and refuse to pay the fine. It's much more politically embarrassing to be seen to be jailing 20 year old girls for throwing eggs at a bus.
  7. What a wonderful representative of the Labour party this fat wap is. Did anyone catch the PMQ's (his one and only appearence, I believe) a few years ago when WH was opposition leader? What a farce. He was shown up to be exactly what he is, an uneducated common thug who couldn't string a coherent sentence together under any sort of pressure. No wonder he resorts to using his fists when the going gets tough.

    Even worse, he's my MP back home. Bugger.
  8. Can’t see what all the fuss is about. Girl should not have thrown the egg at the bus. If this was allowed and the police turned a blind eye where would it end? Nuclear missiles being thrown? As for the RH John Prescot, what is the problem with trying to better yourself? OK! He did mess it up by becoming an MP but its better than being a steward (Humm maybe not). And as for fox hunting, it is against the law. Fishing is next then shooting. The right to roam is a great idea. Vote Labour and be on the winning side!
  9. Thicktaff, I like totally agree man. Throwing eggs is bad and like it is well similar to nukes. She is a well naughty girl and no mistake. I reckon we should lie down quietly and let our government do what they like behind closed doors like, and stuff anyone who doesn't agree man like.

    Being an MP is well better than being a steward especially if you only have a snail sized brain like, cos who needs a brain or good manners when you're a representative of your nation. I will tell ya like - no-one.

  10. I wonder if Prezzer will be involved in saving Rover and 3000ish jobs...............

    Oh silly me he doesn't give a toss coz he's a Jag man.

    Vote Tony (not)......................I mean Tory!!

    Taff I really hope your joking......
  11. And we know what to do with well naughty girls...
  12. Lock up all posh birds, they're a menace to society and haven't got much sex appeal anyway!
  13. Can't see the problem, Hopefully Howard and his bunch of misfits will visit Oldham, Come on johnny head I've a dozen waiting!!