2 GIs MIA After Checkpoint Attack

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tomahawk6, Jun 17, 2006.

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  1. One US soldier killed and two missing after checkpoint attack. Big search on for the two kids.
  2. Where was this? do you have any other information, was it on the news..I must have missed it if it was :(
  3. Rest In Peace, Soldier.

    Sad and worrying news - I hope the missing lads are found safe and well.

  4. RIP

    God help the poor blokes if the insurgents have them
  5. RIP

    Bad state of affairs, hope the two guys were able to bug out as hoped.
  6. I dont believe that anyone could have foreseen this tactic, truly terrifying but hopefully its been rehearsed and Actions on rehearsed.prayers and thoughts to the missing

    RIP the man killed
  7. RIP the fallen man. God help the two missing.
  8. RIP

    I'm worried sick about the two missing soldiers.
  9. No Geneva Convention protections in Iraq or Afghanistan. I hope we are in time to rescue these kids .
  10. Update:

    Witnesses supposedly report seeing the two soldiers taken prisoner by masked insurgents, and driven away in two cars.
    Having problems inserting link, but the story can be found on abc.com.

    Hope they find them, soon.
  11. I think I have found the link you are on about, hope this helps with everyone else who would like to know. :)

    Hope something comes of this in a good way!