2 girls kidnapped in Brittany

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Frogslegs, Jul 9, 2006.

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  1. News just heard on French radio:
    "2 girls aged 8 & 10 missing since 1500hrs (french time) Saturday. Last seen Bouillé Menard, between Rennes & Angers (Maine & Loire).
    Possible suspect, caucasian man, medium weight & height, tattooed arms - one looks like a ram (as in male sheep) seen leading them away (comment "kids unwilling").
    Any info, call Gendarmerie Nationale 0800 36 32 68 (or 17 which is their general number)"

    If you know anyone on holiday in the region who wouldn't necessarily listen to French radio, culd you get this info to them please - this B*STARD needs to be caught & the girls hopefully restored to their family.
    My thoughts are with the parents...
  2. I remember another case. Israel boy in Moscow was kidnapped by Chechens (probably former 'freedom fighters'). To frighten parents on his finger was cut out and sent to to them. Eventually the boy was released during operation of Russian special police forces.
  3. Lets hope there is a happy ending for the girls and their families.
  4. [align=center]They've been found & no harm done apparently - just heard! [/align]
    Report says they were with a neighbour. Overnight? Without telling parents? Sounds pretty dodgy to me...
    But at least the nationwide "Plan Alerte Enlevement" based on the U.S. "Ambert Alert" did it's job: within 3 hrs of first alert they were found, hope it works as well next time.
  5. I am SO relieved this was a happy ending (sitting with tears in eyes) to many wee people have been destroyed lately. And hats off to the frogs for their implementation of "Plan Alerte Enlevement" still can't understand why this isn't worldwide.

    Beebs x
  6. Needs improving though: they COULD have posted on Internet (govt & radio websites) - I had a hell of a job getting the details, had to wait for audio newsflash!
    Could have a system that warns all European shortwave radio stations which can be received in France!
  7. Couldn't agree more!

    The idea my 8-month-old daughter’s passport will still be valid when she's no longer a baby is just stupid! With children changing almost daily why am I allowed to remove a child from the UK who looks nothing like her picture?

    Not just that, there's nothing on the passport to say if I brought her back into the UK or not.....

    ....so I could set up a business snatching the children of couples fighting over custody, use my child’s passport to remove them to any country the paying parent likes, return to the UK without a child and no-one even blinks....

    Hmmmm..... Do I have to have a licence for this venture and can I get a small business grant?

    Beebs x
  8. Well over here if 1 parent wants to take progeny out the country you need a certificate sighed by the Mairie stating that the other parent approves (& of course photo ID) - good.
    ... BUT the certificate is valid for 5 years - BAAD! So only people who don't know how to plan will be stopped - HOW dumb????
    ps we got bollocked by the French border police coming back 'cos son looked nothing like baby pic - Brits said never a word!