2 Girls in Peru - Innocent victims or drug smugglers?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by lewiscollins, Aug 13, 2013.

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  1. BBC News - Peru drug arrests: Footage shows Melissa Reid questioned

    Personally it boils my piss that every time one of these mules is caught they were 'forced' into it by some big bad man...

    WTF were they doing in Peru if not to smuggle drugs? Lots of hand wringing now claiming they were set up and it was not their fault etc but IMHO they deserve what they get...
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  2. Why would anyone go to Peru? They all seem to come over here...


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  3. Just looked at the linky - is the one on the left related to Mickey Mouse?

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  4. Brick in the bottom of your bergen? 6kg of coke in your carry on? There's always some wag isn't there?
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  5. I would...with both of them
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  6. Of the jail… 'Conditions are said to be poor'

    Oh I do hope so.
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  7. Daft bints
  8. Read zone 22 about a brit guy banged up in russia for drugs. Its an eye opener to how easy our prison is
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  9. Pair of greedy slappers I reckon , just looking for an easy buck, as we all know theres no such thing.
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  10. Is the one on the left dressed as Minnie Mouse ?
  11. While they obviously knew what they were doing (why else would anyone fly from Ibiza to Lima and back again) they are also clearly young and very stupid/naive. They probably didnt appreciate the gravity of what they were about to do having been convinced by the higher ups that either it wasn't a big deal or promised money/power/fame/ insert any other shite that 20year old girls think matters.

    Either way I look forward to a new episode of "banged up abroad" in a year or so once they've been sentenced, had it negotiated that they'll serve the time in Britain and been deported and released early. They'll probably be able to make a bit of cash selling their story to the sun or getting their tits out in nuts upon their eventual release too, the darling little princesses.

    Every cloud!

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  12. Why on earth should we bother negotiating for them to do their time in a UK jail?

    If they are found guilty (and they look as guilty as a puppy by a pile of poo) then they should stay there for the 20 odd years they will be sentenced to and save us a fortune.

    Anyone over the age of 10 knows what is going to happen if you get caught smuggling drugs so being " clearly young and very stupid/naive" is no excuse.
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  13. Let them stay in a Peruvian jail until they are past breeding age for the good of our country's gene pool!
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  14. Many other countries have such deals in place, "we don't want your detritus in our country so the prisoners can finish their sentences in their country of origin!"

    Unfortunately we don't seem to be so reciprocating in this endeavour!
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  15. I personally hope their time in Peruvian pokey is spent sharing a cell with Cristabella the Cactus Fisted Queen Bee. And by the time, hopefully not anytime soon, they do make it back they're both sporting the kind of ravaged clunge normally only found on a Divis mother of fifteen. The pair of shitcunts.
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