2% from that nice Mr Brown

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Paymaster, Nov 24, 2005.

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  1. The Chancellor is suggesting to the independant pay review bodies that next year's pay rise should be restricted to 2%. In the light of all the calls on the Army's time are arrsers content with this?
  2. You can bet his pay rise will be more that 2% the B*****D
  3. It's a sad reflection on the Govt's attitude towards its 'Public Servants'.
    He needs to make a saving somewhere, so guess who's going to wear it.....as usual.
  4. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I'd love 2% my pay has been cut in real terms and in cash value over the last 4 years. Forget inflation, when your customers wont pay your invoices or force the rate down you end up jacking it in and going on the books.
    I am looking forward to my rise this year as an employee I will at least enjoy it before Gordo the git takes half back!
  5. Actually he may well have done you all a favour. The Independent Review Committee aren't going to look very independent if they take Strangely Brown's direction.

    Does he justify why it should be kept low? Perhaps he doesn't think the Forces have had a particularly tough year? Does he believe that retention, separation, divorce rates are already adequately compensated for? What a tosser. This bloke is the next PM.
  6. How likely is it that the other public servants will be held to this? Teh teacher et al will strike and who can blame them, the police can at least work to rule and we can do nothing but leave......( I am not suggesting that we should have the right to strike by the way...just highlighting that our inability to take collective action makes us especially vulnerable)
  7. My understanding was that 'ol kn*bchops Brown makes the decision on the award anyway; the Pay Review body merely advises him on what they believe is a fair rise given the result of their investigations.

    Now, being somewhat cynical, we cannot strike and nor can the police, (but they can work to rule) which means I lay my bets on 200,000 service men/wimmin getting stuffed with a paltry, under inflation pay-rise. The police will get slightly better than us, nurses and docs better still and firemen have probably done enough this year to whine their way to probably the best public sector pay rise of all.

    I also don't doubt that the greedy fat bhastards in Parliament will ensure their futures are secure by giving themselves a humungous Pension increase.
  8. The thing which annoys me more than anything is the way that, on the one hand we will - in all probability - get stiffed with a slump rather than a rise and on t'other the damned politicos will be on their hind legs in the House bleating on about how wonderful we all are. (And, I regret to say, adding the phrase "our thoughts are with their family and friends at this time" - another cod-sympathetic phrase that makes my bile duct pulse in time with the throbbing vein in my forehead.)
  9. 2% pay rise

    2.3% inflation

    2.5% RPI

    10% council tax rises

    What's the betting on the increases in charges for food and accommodation being more than 2%?
  10. You won't have time to spend it anyway! - between Op tours and manning RG/GG when Firemen decide to down tools due to a paltry 10%???
  11. Just remember that Brown is a pederast who married a woman to try and hide his real persuasion (he holds the largest collection of Garry Glitter songs in the western world).

    He and Bliar hate the Forces with all the power of their bitter and petty hearts and souls.

    The only solution is to ban all catholics from office and send a new General Wade to crush the rebelious Scots :)

    Acutally, I do not support the last comment: just the mass execution of any cnut stupid enough to vote for the Facist Left Party (Neu Labour traitors) at the last election.

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    Rant over, but I still have diplomatic immunity (sadly not enough to enable me to enter the UK with a .50 elephant gun and kill Bliar from point blank.) :(