2 ex-Squaddies charged with firebombing mosque

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Nobby Sapper, May 28, 2013.

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  1. Bodged demolition, got to be the job of an old Sapper. Discarded empty cans of lager, a soggy sock and a horrendous porno moustache will be your clue.

    Regardless of who they were, they're racist mindless scum.

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  2. Mindless scum they may well be, but racist? Has anyone accused the murderers of Lee Rigby of being racists? Have any of those guilty of countless atrocities committed in the name of Mohammedism ever been accused of racism?

    Islam is a religious faith. It is not a race. Its delusional adherents can be of any race and they have the free choice to accept or reject it.

    Muslims and their apologists would like you to think that those who reject Islam are racist. It's so much more convenient for their purposes.
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  3. Yep my bad, I know as I wrote that I was making the mistake of assuming they were racist because like you say Islam is a religion, I shouldn't have said that.

    I shouldn't have said that because it pisses me off whenever I hear people say "bloody muslims, coming over here, they should go back to their own country". It's these mindless morons who can't differentiate between a religion and a race that are typical of the EDL or BNP, I wrongly jumped to the assumption that these two scrotes were typical examples of these followers. I was wrong to jump to that assumption without knowing the full facts but I'm willing to bet that I'm actually right.

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  4. Sixty

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    Could a NAAFI mod chuck this into CA so that we can keep them together please?
  5. About being Sappers?

    Thats very prejudicial.
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  6. I posted it in here to be flippant.

    Without fear of rising your ire.
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    Will keep for now but normal NAAFI rules apply.
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    I'm outstandingly easy to confuse.
  9. Sixty

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    No worries.
  10. Because of the ridiculous state of the UK at the moment, the two lunatics that murdered Dmr Rigby are accused of terrorist crimes, whereas the two clowns that attempted to fire bomb a mosque will no doubt be charged with some oddly differentiated legislation covered by "hate" crimes.

    It's my view that the Government need to streamline the Laws of our land, get rid of hate crimes, race crimes and terrorist crimes. Remove the "right" of prisoners to have political status and to have one tariff of penalties per crime type.

    Using the above simpler guidelines, all potential terrorists, agitators, criminals and mischief makers would know, without ambiguity, that if they get caught doing what they will, they're going to get hammered by the courts.

    Again, IMHO, the allowing of political status to certain criminals, allows them some form of legitimacy, which quite clearly is arrant foolishness.

    ...and because it's the NAAFI, string the fuckers up by the balls.
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  11. In the last 15 years this country has turned into an utter disaster. The next 15 should be mighty interesting.
  12. how can we hold the moral high ground, with numptys like this
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  13. Quite easily, as long as we keep the TA.
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