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Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by Boxy, Oct 19, 2010.

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  1. It's also just been announced that 2 Div HQ in Craigiehall Edinburgh is to close, so where is that going to end up?
  2. oldbaldy

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    I heard this in a brief/leak last week that it is going down from a 2 star to 1 star HQ.
  3. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    This has been on the cards for about 2 years as part of the RF review. Scotland has always been a bit "one on one" with GOC Scotland and 51 Bde, and I guess with the PM no longer being a Jock it was inevitable.
  4. Standby for the return of Districts! the big challenge will be can RFs be reorganised/reduced with commesurate cull of 1*/2*s
  5. Where has it "just been announced" ?
  6. not sure where it has been announced today, but certtianly been on the cards as part of AVANTI
  7. Oooooh! Get her!
  8. Announced on the BBC. Towards the end of the page BBC News - RAF Kinloss to close as ministers cancel Nimrod order It says the site will remain open but not as 2 Div HQ. Moving 51 Bde from Stirling perhaps. The will be an awful lot of spare real estate and some cracking quarters coming uo for sale. I understand the problem is the site of Craigiehall is only leased and the landowner is entitled to get it back in the same state as he gave it over.
  9. SDSR - All the regional divs are going.
  10. ARRC to be deployable but 'static' 3* HQ.

    2, 4 and 5 div to disband and replaced by UKSC at 2* level.

    1 or 3 div to be made reduced to force organisation with residual ability to deploy for enduring mission.

    10 regional bds to reduce to 8.

    16 brigade to remain. Other 6 bds to reduce to 5 (likely disbandment of 20 Armd) and all part heavy, part medium, part light!!!
  11. 2 Div closing is old news, the staff at the RTC have been banging on about it since I went to Redford on a first aid course 3 years ago, and the MGS are never quiet about the movement plans for them as a result of plans for military units.
    start listening to the pond life and you will be surprised what truths you hear before it is announced.
  12. The replacement of 2, 4 & 5 Div with a single 2* HQ makes sense and should have been done years ago. Imagine all those Brigadiers who will now never get a Maj Gen's pension.... HQ 6 Div will probably go once its commitment to AFG has finished, there can't be any plausible reason to keep it going beyond that.

    If I had to put money on 1 or 3 Div being reduced to force organisation I'd go for 3. The HQ at Bulford is already overwhelmingly focused on providing PDT for Bde's deploying to Helmand.

    As for the regional Bde's I can see 2 (SE) Bde being folded into 145 (HC) Bde and maybe the Bde's in NW and NE England, who knows?

    As for LONDIST, no doubt the enduring power and influence of senior Household Div officers will make sure that it survives as an independent 2* HQ.

    I should imagine that Bovington and DRAC will become a snake pit of Regtl self interest in the coming months as they all try to position themselves to avoid amalgamation and/or disbandment.
  13. Is Craigiehall actually closing or is it just HQ 2 Div? There are, after all, other units on Craigiehall and another unit will only get upset if it has to host an EOD Tp.
  14. I suspect Historic Scotland are chuffed to bits at the thought of maybe, just possibly, getting their hands on all that space at Edinburgh Castle...

    ...on the other hand, Edinburgh Castle would make a f***ing fantastic TA Centre...
  15. All what space in Edinburgh Castle? The Castle is home to Edinburgh Garrison HQ only, HQ 52 (Inf) Bde were moved to RCB before they disbanded.