2 Days till my interview

Quick question, will i need to know specific roles for the interview.. I havent properly decided what I want to do yet, but i do know that a want a career in the signals (yes my chosen unit is a signals unit for this reason)
To be honest thats the one that stands out the most at the moment, that or electronic warfare systems operator, but that seems to be regs only, so i'll have to wait a little while for that!
Either go for CS Op or Techie, have a look around some of the Siggy threads for more info on CS Op or drop acouple guys in the Bleeps a line and they will happily help out.

good luck too
cheers PRC, I had a brief look at the forums but Im meant to be working on my dissertation and looking around ARRSE is too good a reason not to do any work :p
Im in Portsmouth at the moment polar
Best of luck with the distance as there are few R SIGNALS TA units near you.

Try 56 Sig Sqn in Eastbourne - they have a Brighton troop.

Otherwise, you could always try for 63 Sig Sqn at Thorney Island.

Next one after that is 41 Sig Sqn in Coulsdon!

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