2 days at pirbright and i have to do it all again

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by luke1990, Jan 10, 2008.

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  1. Just got back from my 2 days selection at pirbright and although no failings i have been deffered as my weight needs to be higher to get into royal artillary.

    Its a bummer but its just a set back and will just make me more determined.

    good food and lots of training and i will be back!!!!!!

    if anyone has any advice on this, drop me a message.

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  2. re apply later but dont go OTT like this fat knacker

  3. well they have said i can go back in March and do it again, but i want weight with miuscle not fat
  4. eat chicken and go to the gym :)
  5. My son was underweight a month or so before he went to selection so I bolstered him up a bit with lots of pasta, potatoes and guinness. At least after your deferrment you know what to expect, if you completed your final interview and only failed on weight for RA why didnt you ask to do your second or third preference instead :?
  6. they said i could go in as planned but only into inantry and i really want to o into artillary so i will keep plodding on
  7. Ok good on you Stick to your GUNS and go Artillary (pardon the pun), i had a similar case to yours and once he was over the said weight (BMI) I got him back after four weeks by phoning the PSO and getting him to lift the deferral before the 3 months on the system. Once your well over speak to your recruiter and he might do this as lond as the PSO's interview notes reflect it was for this reason.
  8. sounds like a plan to me
  9. Do you KNOW what a Blog is?

    Sorry but this is NOT one.

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  10. sorry did not realise
  11. Woah, do you mind if I ask how much you weighed? I didn't realise weight was actually a problem, well not underweight at least...
  12. Being underweight is just has bad as being overweight as can cause serious injury/health problems when carrying weight.
  13. i think it was about 50ish kilo and i need to be about 80
  14. That's a big increase. Are you sure about those figures? You'll do well to put on 30kilos of muscle in three months. I'd clarify the numbers (which are based on your BMI).
  15. wow... 50kg?? Are you sure? How tall are you?