2 Day Selection

I was hoping to get advice from anyone who trained to be a Registered Nurse in the Army and could give me a bit of insight into the 2 day selection period.

What were you questioned upon? how much prior knowledge and experience did you feel was necessary to the field, did you have to sit any aptitude tests?

Basically a generally overview from anyone with experience of this would be appreciated.



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If the name Klepto has any basis on your murky past you won't have a snowball's.

They're a little touchy about that.
I think selection is still being held in Portsmouth.

If that’s the case the general pattern is you arrive in the afternoon and get your room for the night.

Your then collected by your escort, meet up with everyone else on selection and taken to the interview building. You’ll do a simple maths test (you must get 75%) then you’ll be given a lecture on the AMS structure how it is meant to work and where you (if successful) will fit in. then it’s off to the NAAFI to meet up with qualified and student nurses who you can talk to and ask questions about the training.

If it’s a Wednesday or Thursday then off to Emma’s for a night of dancing :lol: :lol: :lol:

The next morning put you best clothes on and the interview process really starts, you’ll be given one of those puzzles that have no answer that will demonstrate you rationale, team work and communication skills. Asked about various topics that have been in the news (social, medical and military) before as an individual going in front of the board of 5 officers who each have a specific role E.g., education, mill training, clinical skills.

If you’re a civi then the result of the board should be at AFCO by noon the next day, if transferring then the signal will go through the normal channels but you should get it the next day.

Before the interview process you will have been sent a list of topics to review, and an examples of the maths questions.

Good luck
Cutaway, I can assure you that my tag has nothing to do with my murky past.

I really appreciate the advice worm-on-a-stick, will need to review my math I think, better prepared than end up looking like a spud!
(also, what do you mean by puzzle without an answer?)

Check your in box for further information.

They select nurses now!!!, when I did my training you were given it free with a guard duty & a QA from the spiders.
Pox_Dr said:
They select nurses now!!!, when I did my training you were given it free with a guard duty & a QA from the spiders.
They've obviously learned from past mistakes :D
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