Just been told I am gonna be posted to 2 CS Coy REME in early July as an attached arm!

Appreciate any feedback on the unit itself, where exactly it is (I have been told Fallingbostel, Bielefeld and hannover). What the quaters are like and the schools.

looking forward to the tour,


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2 field coy in Bielefeld, that the same thing or is he on about what was FWD Plt at 2 BN in Fally, which is my guess.


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Loc is Rochdale Barracks in Bielefeld, which is part of Bielefeld Station. Bielefeld Station consists of Catterick Barracks and Rochdale Bks. Main units in them are 7 and 24 Regts RLC in Catterick and 2 CS Coy REME and 3 Coy REME (all civ) in Rochdale. Lots of other small units in both Barracks. In turn, Bielefeld Station is part of Gutersloh Garrison. I think 2 CS Coy is a sub-unit of 101 Bn REME, RHQ based in UK.

Schools - teenagers go to a school in Gutersloh, smaller people to the school in Catterick Bks, Bielefeld.

Quarters - loc and size are based on family size and rank as per normal. Some have been modernised, some not, luck of the draw.

Bielefeld - great place to live. Enjoy.


Great unit, good location, good work life balance, it's part of the hybrid REME Bn set up - being part STAB with a regular HQ Set Up, some of the Bn Staff are TA, based in Rectum (good if you want a washing machine fixed) (bad if you are in a firefight in Afghanistan). I had great time there, people make postings and I had cracker! Shame some of the Warrants have moved on as they were brilliant.
Thanks for the posts! Does anyone know if 2 CS Coy are due top deploy or if they are permanently based in Bielefeld! What is the sort of manning that is there?

You guys are great!

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