2 Cows

2 Cows in a field, one says to the other " hey Daisy theres a bull over there, do you think he might charge us" She say's I hope not I aint got no money !!!!!!

Jack and Gill went up the hill, something to eat to get !!!!
jack tripped over a razor blade !!!!
Gillette !!!!!!!!!!



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a farmer had two cows and a bull, one day his ten year old son came in and said " the bull is fcuking the brown cow" his father says " you don't say that, you say that the bull is surprising the brown cow" the son says " OK". two days later, the vicar comes to tea, when the boy comes in and says" Dad, the bull is surprising all the cows" the dad says " how can the bull surprise all of the cows? " the boy says" because the bull is fcuking the horse"
2 cows in a field. one cow says to the other:

"what do you think of all this mad cow malarky?"

the other cow says

"it doesn't affect me, I'm a helicopter"

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